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James Pozzi

Online Editor, MRO-Network.com,

As online editor of Aviation Week Network’s MRO-Network.com, James Pozzi oversees digital output through the website as well as curating the MRO Network Daily newsletter. He also covers the latest news from the commercial aftermarket for Inside MRO.

Before joining Aviation Week, James reported on the aerospace sector in his role as industry editor at The Manufacturer.

Based in London, James trained as a journalist in 2011 by earning a UK industry qualification from The National Council for the Training of Journalists.

Rolls-Royce Reaffirms Digital Focus, Optimistic On Trent 1000 Fixes 
As a company driven by technology, Rolls continuously looks to utilize innovations to drive changes.
OEM’s Reach Into MRO Seen Having Few Negative Impacts
The reach and impact of OEMs in the aftermarket is being increasingly felt but analysts are not seeing many negative implications yet.
OEM’s Reach Into MRO Seen Having Few Negative Impacts 
The reach and impact of OEMs in the aftermarket is being increasingly felt, but analysts are not seeing many negative implications yet.
Engine Leasing Slow To Adopt Digital Records 
Leasing experts believe greater standardization is needed to enable more effective digital record-sharing
Thailand Plots MRO Boom With Proposed Eastern Hub 
Thai Airways is expanding MRO facilities as part of a government economic development program to take advantage of airline growth in the region.
Keeping Aircraft Fuel Systems Safe 
Why commercial aircraft fuel systems are strong candidates for modifications and updates.
Spirit Takes Time On New MRO Facility Decision 
Spirit Airlines debates how much MRO to outsource or bring in-house with a planned new facility.
Global MRO Trends In 2019 
New technologies, joint ventures and airline growth are driving expansion of MRO services worldwide.
Hawaiian Finds Right Mix Of In-House, Outsourced Services 
Hawaiian VP describes blend of own maintenance services as well as outsourced MRO to handle major fleet changes.
North American Airlines, MROs Take Gradual Approach To Software 
A phased rollout with clearly defined milestones is an effective approach to implementing new systems.
Air Astana Builds MRO Capabilities, Third-Party Line Work 
How Air Astana stands out among MRO providers in Central Asia.
Integrated Systems, AI On The Table For Maintenance Planning 
How MROs and airlines are using technology to improve the maintenance planning process.
Cost And Supply Chain Pressures Dictate Airline MRO Parts Strategies 
Airlines worldwide continue to move toward increasing use of USM and PMA parts to reduce MRO costs.
New Year Brings Sad End To Monarch Saga 
Monarch Aircraft Engineering Ltd. entered bankruptcy on Jan. 4, resulting in the immediate loss of more than 400 jobs.
Engine MRO Will Drive Record Aftermarket Growth 
Aviation Week’s 2019 MRO Fleet & Forecast predicts there will $300 billion In engine aftermarket expenditures in the next decade.
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