Essentials For Easier Engine MRO

These products aim to simplify the transport, cleaning and installation of aircraft engines. 

1. Safer Engine Transport

Company: Marlin Steel

Product: Circular Floats

circular floatSpecifications: Designed to safely transport aircraft engines around MRO facilities, Marlin Steel’s new Circular Floats can hold up to 600 lb. while protecting engines and their associated components from damage. The product features a perimeter wall with a neoprene rim, adjustable ratchet straps to secure engines in place and a truck bed liner coating to prevent metal-on-metal contact. The Circular Floats come in 36-in., 48-in. and 60-in. sizes, and the company says they are ergonomic to move around as well as forklift- and pallet jack-friendly.

2. Environmentally Friendly Engine Washing

Company: Rochem Aviation

Product: Ro-Jet-Wash System

Wash System

Specifications: Rochem Aviation’s Ro-Jet-Wash System is designed to easily wash engines in minutes while improving engine gas temperature margins and fuel efficiency. The self-contained system is rolled up to an aircraft engine and operated by a two-person crew, using a patented atomizing system to spray water efficiently in a 360-deg. pattern around the engine inlet. Water and debris are expelled as a mist behind the aircraft and filtered through the system to be reused in its wash tanks or disposed of safely. The system has been sold to carriers including American Airlines, Icelandair and Spirit Airlines.

3. eStore for Engine Stands

Company: Magnetic MRO

Product: EngineStands24

engine stands

Specifications: Launched in 2016 to make the process of purchasing and leasing engine stands quicker and easier, Magnetic MRO’s EngineStands24 e-platform enables customers to receive immediate price quotes and lead times on engine stand trades or leases, as well as digitized agreements and invoices. EngineStands24 recently added product offerings for Leap-1A/-1B engines and opened new hubs in Dubai and China to capture market share in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions.

4. Quicker Engine Changes

Company: Hydro

Product: Cobra Engine Change System

Cobra Engine Change System

Specifications: Hydro’s Cobra Engine Change System has been designed to perform aircraft engine removals and installations 70% faster than with traditional bootstrap systems. Operated via a mobile panel that controls the semi-automated lifting and lowering of the engine dolly and cradle or transportation stand, users can select preset load sheets for various aircraft, engine and stand combinations to mechanically align the system’s equipment. Cobra allows engine changes both inside the hangar and on the apron, and Hydro says the system reduces costs by minimizing aircraft downtime.

5. All-Weather Engine Washes

Company: Lufthansa Technik

Product: Cyclean Engine Wash

engine washer
Cyclean Engine Wash

Specifications: Able to perform engine washes at the gate in less than an hour, Lufthansa Technik’s Cyclean Engine Wash injects vaporized hot water directly into the core engine to save time and reduce emissions. The latest generation of Cyclean is equipped with an integrated glycol mixing system, which enables the addition of antifreeze for washing engines in low temperatures. LHT also now offers a waterless version of Cyclean that uses small dry ice pellets for engine washing in any type of weather. According to LHT, the system is now available for next-gen engines such as the LEAP-1A/-1B and PW1100G/1500G.

Lindsay Bjerregaard

Lindsay Bjerregaard is managing editor for Aviation Week’s MRO portfolio. Her coverage focuses on MRO technology, workforce, and product and service news for, Aviation Week Marketplace and Inside MRO.