China Airlines Completes MRO Data Digitalization

Credit: Airbus - Master Films - Céline Sadonnet

Taiwan’s China Airlines has successfully met its goal of digitizing all documents related to aircraft maintenance. The airline added GE Digital’s Records Management System (RMS) to its existing GE Asset Records software to facilitate digital record transfer and asset documentation.

According to GE Digital, RMS enables aircraft operators to digitize, index and archive maintenance records, connect these records for internal and external operations, and facilitate transferring documents among an airline, lessors and third-party MRO shops by linking maintenance records to each company’s maintenance and engineering system.

China Airlines had previously installed GE’s Asset Transfer System, which it purchased in 2021. GE says that software helps streamline and simplify the management of leased asset documentation between airlines and lessors. Now, by adding RMS’s record management and project management modules, the airline says it can increase efficiency over the entire life of leased assets, all while maintaining compliance with regulations.

Jason Tsai, vice president of China Airlines’ engineering division, says digitizing documents is the airline’s key objective as it moves toward complying with a Taiwan Civil Aviation Administration directive requiring digitized maintenance documents. “GE Digital’s Asset Records software easily integrates with our other historical information systems, so we are able to meet the directive expeditiously,” says Tsai.

GE says RMS also enables operators to manage error corrections and remedy paper problems between themselves and independent MRO providers. More generally, GE Digital General Manager Andrew Coleman says the company’s aviation software lets operators enhance safety and efficiency, reduce disruptions, improve passenger experience and make better decisions about maintaining their fleets. He adds that it should also simplify compliance with regulations.

GE Digital’s portfolio of Asset Records software now supports over 50 airlines, lessors and MROs around the world, including “the world's largest airlines and leasing companies,” says Senior Product Manager Nate Hicks.

Time required for installation of Asset Records varies according to the modules selected by each customer. “It’s typical to see the delivery of the software, testing, training and go-live within 120 days of contract signature,” Hicks explains.

According to GE Digital, users can easily upload records, which are kept in a variety of formats. For example, non-digital documents can be scanned and then audited and digitally published. GE also offers an MRO Connect web application so third-party MROs can upload digital documents automatically into an operator's auditing process.

Hicks says Asset Records has provided measurable benefits for airline customers, noting that one airline was able to expand its fleet by 50% without adding more technical records department staff. He says airlines can “expect at least 25% efficiency gains in preparing documentation for lease transitions.”