ADE Launches New Digital Aftermarket Products

ADE CEO Mahesh Kumar (left) at the launch of Aerotrade and Elevade Fleet during the 2023 Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition.

Credit: Asia Digital Engineering

Asia Digital Engineering (ADE), the maintenance arm of AirAsia parent Capital A, has launched two new digital products for the aftermarket. The products are aimed at solving challenges in aircraft parts procurement and aircraft health management.

For the parts procurement process, ADE has launched Aerotrade, an aviation marketplace designed to address airlines’ pain points. The platform features more than $120 million worth of inventory, comprised of parts for Airbus and Boeing aircraft. ADE says the platform is the first of its kind in Asia.

“Aerotrade stands out from other aircraft parts marketplaces by offering a unique combination of features,” says ADE CEO Mahesh Kumar. “It serves as the exclusive focal point for buyers and suppliers, providing a transparent platform where customers can confidently engage in transactions. Aerotrade carefully screens and onboards trusted participants, ensuring reliability and integrity throughout the process.”

ADE began offering a beta version of Aerotrade to internal customers within the Capital A group in March 2022. Since its year-long beta testing period, it says the platform has attracted more than 60 global airlines, MROs, distributors, agents and stockists. The platform will continue to undergo improvements, including planned enhancements that ADE says will streamline and automate procurement, logistics and inventory management-related activities. It also plans to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

ADE also has launched the first module in its new Elevade digital platform. The Elevade Fleet module is designed for real-time, holistic aircraft health monitoring and management. The module will offer features such as predictive and prescriptive maintenance, advanced analytics, fleet tracking and cabin monitoring. ADE says Elevade Fleet is “the first commercially-available, full-fledged aircraft health management system of its kind in Asia.”

Elevade Fleet leverages more than 20 years’ worth of historical aircraft maintenance data from AirAsia Group aircraft, which Kumar says enables it to utilize real-world insights and performance metrics within its features. “As a result, Elevade Fleet offers a comprehensive and reliable approach to enhancing aircraft performance and maintenance operations, backed by decades of AirAsia’s engineering expertise,” he adds. All of AirAsia Group’s narrowbody and widebody fleets are being monitored via the platform.

“ADE has an exciting roadmap for the future development of the Elevade platform, with several modules planned to enhance aircraft operations,” says Kumar. These include the Aircraft Positioning/Fleet Map, which will provide real-time visibility and tracking of fleets to help operators efficiently manage aircraft and optimize fleet operations. It is also developing a Prescriptive Maintenance module that will use advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to provide actionable maintenance recommendations. Kumar says the module will help operators proactively address maintenance needs, optimize schedules and minimize downtime.

ADE also plans to develop a Digital Ecosystem Integration module that will allow Elevade to connect with external systems, which Kumar says will “streamline data flow and enable operators to maximize the benefits of Elevade within their broader operational ecosystem.”

Elevade will be offered as a subscription-based service.

Meanwhile, ADE says there will be no charges or fees for sellers and buyers onboarding to the Aerotrade platform. Instead, buyers will be charged a platform fee upon a confirmed order. The platform will offer flexible payment options, such as credit terms that allow payments within an agreed-upon period or advance payments for immediate transactions. It also plans to introduce additional payment solutions, including credit card payments and payment gateway integration.

Lindsay Bjerregaard

Lindsay Bjerregaard is managing editor for Aviation Week’s MRO portfolio. Her coverage focuses on MRO technology, workforce, and product and service news for, Aviation Week Marketplace and Inside MRO.