Rolls-Royce IntelligentEngine: A Vision For Air Power

Rolls-Royce launched the IntelligentEngine vision at the start of 2018, connecting product and service and supercharging it with digital technology.

The IntelligentEngine vision set out a future where engines are increasingly connected, contextually aware and comprehending – delivering greater reliability and efficiency.

It’s a pioneering vision that’s already helping to advance aircraft propulsion, like using world-beating digital insights to deliver higher levels of aircraft availability for customers. It’s also transforming flight by doing more with less. Rolls-Royce’s next generation UltraFan engine design will set new benchmarks in efficiency, environmental performance and precision engineering. 

Looking to the future, the aim of the IntelligentEngine vision is to deliver cleaner, more sustainable power to meet the planet’s growing demand for air transport. That’s one of the promises of electric propulsion systems and an industry goal to limit the environmental impact of flight.

Rolls-Royce is clear on the opportunities that the IntelligentEngine vision brings. 

But how can you convey a vision for innovation in civil aerospace that’s easy for others to comprehend? It needed more than words on a page. It had to be engineered. It had to take a physical form that would bring the IntelligentEngine story to life.

See the IntelligentEngine take form. Click here to watch the film.