At home, it’s easy to wish that a stack of dirty dishes in the kitchen would just fly away. Lufthansa Technik and Jet Aviation Basel now have ways to do that in flight.

Their solution? Both have unveiled specially designed inflight dishwashers, allowing dishes to be washed in the air rather than stockpiled for the ground.

Jet Aviation Basel’s dishwasher has a 3-min. wash cycle that uses three liters of water. (Booth A050).

It was inspired by a model used in ETA German railway system cars in line with European Aviation Safety Agency design and performance standards for aircraft galley equipment and with Airbus and Boeing specifications, the completions and maintenance company said. The dishwasher can be used during taxi, takeoff and landing.

Meanwhile, Lufthansa Technik’s dishwasher, the DishwashAir, features complex safety mechanisms to guarantee against leakage. It can wash a load of dishes in 6 min. with 3 liters of water. (Booth T089).

“Long-haul aircraft in particular take along lots of dishware, amounts that can be reduced considerably with clever logistics,” says Oliver Thomaschewski, head of Lufthansa Technik seating and structures. “No normal household would keep a separate set of dishes for every meal. Now our DishwashAir makes it possible, even in an aircraft, to bring along only the amounts actually needed to provide service.”