Textron Airland is debuting the production standard ScorpionJet here at the Dubai Airshow.

The production-standard aircraft, features a slightly more swept (4 deg.) main wing and all moving horizontal stabilizer. The prototype Scorpion’s horizontal stabilizer was fixed and had a basic elevator. The modernized design also features simplified landing gear.

Internally the aircraft uses a modified Garmin G3000 avionics suite that features a large, high-definition display complemented by two high-definition touch-screen controllers.

During the long journey from Kansas, the Scorpion stopped off in Saudi Arabia, a country which had previously expressed an interest in the platform. Several flights were performed from King Faisal air base near Tabuk. A stop was also made in Jordan.

The first production-standard aircraft made its first flight in December, and the company has now completed three production-standard aircraft, the aircraft appearing here is the second of the pre-production aircraft.