It was born earlier this year with the unimaginative name C-FNXK, but the Bombardier Global Express (Global 6000) in the static display at the Dubai Airshow would be better named “Lucy” – because it is indeed “In the Sky with Diamonds”.

Luxembourg-based Jean Boulle Luxury announced the launch of the world’s first aircraft finished with the Sun King Natural Gem Diamond Coating at the Geneva business aircraft show this May. That unveiling followed closely on the announcement that AkzoNobel was to produce an aviation-grade version of the coating for the private and commercial jet markets.

Applied to the Global Express by STTS, an expert in aerospace painting and sealing, patent-pending Sun King previously has been sprayed on supercars produced by some of the world’s foremost luxury marques, with the result of dramatically altering the luxury vehicle’s visual appearance whilst maintaining full functional capabilities.

“This result[s]… from much hard work in both the development and certification processes,” said Bertrand Boulle, CEO of Jean Boulle Luxury. “The visual impact on this demanding application is simply stunning. We are delighted to showcase our product with STTS, which has demonstrated effectively how the Sun King Natural Gem Diamond Coating works on a large scale.”

Frans Groot of STTS adds: “We are proud to be working with Jean Boulle Luxury on this innovative natural gem diamond coating solution.”