Embraer Offers End To End Security Space Management

Situational awareness is only truly useful when it can be acted upon. Conversely, action without awareness may be useless or even counterproductive. At the Farnborough Air Show, Embraer Defense & Security will highlight a family of systems which effectively combine the capacity to develop an informed picture for decision-making with the ability to act on it.

"Embraer has cultivated over four decades of experience in providing defense products worldwide, and we understand the importance of working together with our customers in order to develop integrated and effective solutions that are tailor made to their needs", says Jackson Schneider, President and CEO of Embraer Defense & Security.

The KC-390 stands out in the medium-airlift category long dominated by turboprop aircraft. It leverages the speed and range advantages of a multi-engine turbofan with the ability to perform missions from cargo and troop transport to search and rescue.

Developed for the Brazilian Air Force, which signed a contract to acquire 28 examples, the KC-390 can transport payloads up to 26 metric tons. Full digital avionics and an advanced cargo handling system, offer multimission flexibility further expanded by the KC-390’s ability to receive aerial refueling or offload fuel as a tanker. Two prototypes are currently in testing with certification expected in 2017 and first deliveries in 2018.

A-29 Super Tucano
As of early June, Embraer A-29 Super Tucanos supplied to the Afghan Air Force through the United States Air Force Light Air Support program had flown more than 260 sorties, including close-air-support, as part of the joint Afghan/NATO effort to stabilize Afghanistan.

While 20 A-29s are slated to be delivered to Afghanistan by 2018, Embraer has already delivered more than 220 Super Tucanos to ten air forces on three continents. With more than 150 weapons configurations certified, advanced targeting systems and datalinks, the A-29 provides rapidly acquirable strike capability.

EMB-145 ISR Family
Embraer’s widely used EMB-145 regional jet is the platform for a family of three ISR aircraft the company offers including Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C), Multi Intel (Remote Sensing/Surveillance) and Maritime Patrol versions.

Some 17 units of the EMB-145 ISR family are in service with the air forces of Brazil, Mexico, Greece and India. The EMB-145 ISR variants blend efficiency and affordability with powerful sensors like Saab’s EriEye AESA radar and a suite of optional missions systems.

Electronic Systems and Sensors
Bradar develops projects and high-tech sensors as defense radars for ground and aerial surveillance, electronic warfare and intelligence equipment, and airborne remote sensing solutions for mapping and monitoring using company's synthetic aperture radar (BradarSAR) that generates high-resolution precision maps on day or night and all weather conditions. Brazilian Armed Forces have employed the M-60 Low Altitude Antiaircraft Artillery radar for security at major events including the Rio +20 Environment Conference and the Fifa World Cup 2014 for the surveillance, classification, and tracking of targets.

Systems of Systems Integration
Embraer's Savis is an engineering company, fully owned subsidiary, specialized in the development, integration, project management, implementation and life cycle support of border protection projects and defense of strategic structures. Savis is the lead system integrator for Brazilian Army's SISFRON, which is the largest ongoing border surveillance project on Earth. The full scope of the SISFRON will encompass the surveillance and protection of 16,886 kilometers of Brazilian western land borders, stretching through 11 Brazilian states and 10 neighboring countries, covering 27% of Brazilian land mass.

Space Systems Integration, Satellite Communications and Remote Sensing Services
Embraer has partnered with Brazilian telecommunications company, Telebras, to form Visiona Space Technologies, a company focused on space systems integration. Visiona is the prime contractor for Brazil's Defense and Strategic Communications Geostationary Satellite System, a satellite devoted to supply Internet capacity for the Brazilian Government's National Broadband Plan and strategic military communications. The company is also offering satellite communication solutions for critical applications in Brazil and abroad. Visiona Space Technologies offers in partnership with Airbus, Digital Globe, SIIS and Restec a broad portfolio of orbital remote sensing products including imagery from a constellation of 24 satellites with all sorts of capabilities, elevation models and, mapping and monitoring solutions.

Atech is Brazil's leading system house that integrates and manages complex command and control systems for several Brazilian defense programs. It has been at the forefront of large strategic programs such as SIVAM Amazon surveillance system and also the nation's Air Defense and Air Traffic Control system. Atech’s experience extends to developing the Tactical Data Management System for the Brazilian Navy’s EC-725 helicopter and facilitating airspace management in Brazil via its SIGMA Integrated System for Managing Air Movement. In partnership with Deutsche Flugsicherung, Atech recently delivered its Skyflow ATFM system to India. The company is also developing a reactor control system for the future Brazilian Navy nuclear submarine.