Webinar: What’s Ahead for the Space Development Agency?

This webinar took place June 4, 2020

The Pentagon’s Space Development Agency (SDA) is finally gaining traction and seeking pitches for its architecture of satellites that can fulfill military objectives for communication, navigation, missile warning and tracking. Eventually, the agency may send thousands of satellites into orbit. But what is that constellation going to look like? What are the risks ahead? If the U.S. is buying thousands of satellites, how does that change its military strategy? And how might that affect how the commercial industry uses space?

SDA’s Director, Derek Tournear, joins Aviation Week Network to discuss these questions and how his organization is likely to transition into the fledgling Space Force.



  • Dr. Derek Tournear, Director, Space Development Agency
  • Steve Trimble, Defense Editor, Aviation Week Network
  • Lee Hudson, Pentagon Editor, Aviation Week Network

Moderated by Jen DiMascio, Executive Director, Defense & Space, Aviation Week Network


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