Webinar: Illicit Charter: Intentional or Not

This webinar took place June 16, 2020

Many expect post-pandemic interest in business aviation to increase as a result of reduced airline service and health concerns related to airline travel. While there are a number of options available to those new to business aviation – charter, jet cards, fractionals, etc. – there are other ways to go aloft, such as paying an aircraft owner to try out the travel option with his aircraft and crew or a private pilot for a quick day trip to a business meeting. The problem is those latter options violate federal regulations risking fines and license suspension and void insurance coverage should an accident result.



  • Ryan Waguespack, Senior Vice President, National Air Transportation Association
  • Kent Jackson, Founder & Managing Partner, Jetlaw, LLC
  • Don Riley, Operations Safety Inspector, Federal Aviation Administration’s Special Emphasis Investigations Team (SEIT)

Moderated by Fred George, Chief Aircraft Evaluation Editor, Aviation Week Network


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