Webinar: Business Aviation, Post-Pandemic: Will This Crisis Reshape the Industry?

This webinar took place April 21, 2020

Business aviation manufacturers are making medical masks, face shields and respirators, fractional and charter jets are ferrying emergency room supplies and workers, loyal, able long-time workers have been stricken by the thousands from payrolls. Nothing is business as usual in business aviation. But the coronavirus will end, and when that much welcome day finally arrives, what of our community? Will it recover fully, partially or hardly? Going forward, how will its mission, its infrastructure, its fleet and its people be affected? What will be its losses and its gains? And what unexpected thing or things might alter its course?

Our goal is to provide some way-points as we navigate to a better place. Come share the start of that journey with us.


  • Molly McMillin, Editor-in-Chief, The Weekly of Business Aviation
  • Michael Bruno, Senior Business Editor, Aviation Week Network
  • Richard Aboulafia, Vice President, Analysis, Teal Group

Moderated by: William Garvey, Editor-in-Chief, Business & Commercial Aviation


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