Traditionally, the industry has been willing to accept training focused on ensuring a pilot meets minimum standards, TRU Simulation CEO David Smith told ShowNews.

“That’s not good enough,” Smith said. Testing should not be performed so a pilot can check off the boxes in a pass-fail scenario. “That doesn’t inspire the workforce or inspire better piloting,” he noted.

TRU Simulation is in the process of developing a training package aimed at changing the focus of the training. It plans to unveil the package in the next 24 months, Smith said, explaining that accidents still happen, even though pilots sometimes fly a different aircraft every day in various locations and settings.

He noted that a high-time pilot, for example, can go through recurrent training without stress. Instead, pilots should be stressed under training. Their bodies should feel like they are working in a high-stress, life-or-death scenario, he said, and they should leave training feeling better about their skills.

Training should sharpen pilots’ skill levels, no matter their experience level, Smith said, emphasizing that they should walk out feeling good that they’re stronger pilots.

Other Ventures

In the meantime, TRU Simulation has been busy since it formed a joint venture with FlightSafety to deliver training for operators of Textron Aviation products.

It is working toward obtaining FAA certification of a second Citation Longitude simulator to be placed in Columbus, Ohio, to train NetJet pilots. Certification is expected later this year or in early 2020, depending on the FAA’s schedule, Smith said. The first simulator has been installed in Florida. Smith expects 30-50 pilots will receive Longitude training this year.

TRU Simulation also performs work outside Textron.

“We can do every type of product,” Smith said, including helicopters and fixed wing.

About 60-70% of the company’s business is in air transport for Boeing, Airbus and other transport and special mission products. Roughly 20% of its business is focused on government service, with the remainder centering on business aviation.

TRU Simulation recently received certification for a Level 6 flight training device (FTD) for two versions of King Air products for the Flying Doctor Service in Australia. The FTD allows pilots to stay in Australia for more of the year.

The company also recently received certification for two devices for Cirrus aircraft to support a large flight school program. And in October, it received certification on a Level D H125 helicopter simulator for Coptersafety in Europe. The simulator is high fidelity and uses motion systems for realistic high-precision flying.