Marketplace: Jet Cards Offer Prepaid Convenience 

West Palm Jets photo
Credit: West Palm Jets

As more people discover the convenience of private flying, jet card programs offering prepaid cards to purchase blocks of time on a private jet are offering more tailored solutions to individual travel needs. Below are some examples of jet card offerings.

Exclusive AeroClub Program
West Palm Jets, which is based in Palm Beach, Florida, prioritizes the needs of its clients, working with them to schedule their flights in the right way and at the right time. Through its Exclusive AeroClub membership program, West Palm Jets offers prepaid cards with a 25-hour minimum, based on the size of the aircraft.  

Exclusive AeroClub is not a fixed-price program. Pricing differs depending upon aircraft type, but West Palm Jets guarantees that cost will be equal to, or less than, the hourly rates shown per aircraft class size. Hours can be interchanged with different aircraft types and funds are refundable at any time.  

For Exclusive AeroClub members, the company has access to an Argus-rated aircraft fleet, built in 2010 or later.

flyExclusive Jet Club

flyExclusive photo
Credit: Phillip Benz Productions

Jet Club is a jet membership service of Kinston, North Carolina-based flyExclusive, which claims to be the second-largest U.S.-based private jet company. With an owned fleet of 85 aircraft, encompassing light, midsize, and super-midsized types, all aircraft are operated under flyExclusive’s Part 135 certificate.

For Jet Club members, a deposit, ranging from $75,000 to $500,000 is required, depending on the aircraft type. From there, daily and hourly rates, which are aircraft-dependent, are charged.    

flyExclusive operates a floating fleet, with aircraft available for operation in North and South America, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia. In addition to Jet Club, flyExclusive offers fractional ownership and charter services, all under the management of a leadership team with decades of private jet industry experience and fleet logistics expertise.

Sentient Jet SJ25, 25+

Sentient Jet photo
Credit: Sentient Jet

Sentient Jet, of Quincy, Massachusetts, pioneered the prepaid jet card concept. The company’s SJ25 and SJ25+ cards are currently its two membership options, providing a choice of aircraft sizes which best fits their clients’ private travel needs, at fixed rates, along with seamless booking, and unused flight hours that never expire.  

The SJ25 card offers a selection of light jets, while the SJ25+ offers Wi-Fi enabled midsized, super-midsized and large cabin jets.  Both cards start with a minimum of 25 hours of flight time, with rates predicated on aircraft type.
Currently, Sentient Jet offers access to a safety certified network of 1,100 private jets—ranging from Citation CJ Series to the Gulfstream G500 and Bombardier Global series.  All aircraft are provided by FAA Part 135 direct air carriers, which operate and exercise operational control of all flights.