Design Firms Target VIP/Corporate Airliner Reconfigurations

Credit: Crackers And Caviar

Moving beyond purpose-built business jets, the creators of cabin designs and external liveries are pursuing increasing opportunities with VIP versions of both narrowbody and widebody commercial jets. 

Airbus, Boeing Corporate Cabin Design
UK-based Crackers And Caviar is building a design specialty based on corporate configurations of Airbus and Boeing airliners. Services provided include complete project oversight encompassing completion specification, vendor selection, customer representation and design management. Among its capabilities are cabin architecture, including interior layout, space planning, hardware, fittings and finishing materials selection, as well as custom furniture design, cabinetry, seating, and tables. 

Development of the technical aspects required for the initial specifications and final acceptance of the air conditioning, connectivity, electrical power, water and waste; lighting, IFE and cabin management systems are also included.  Crackers And Caviar also consults on exterior design concepts, and specifications.

Lufthansa Technik
Credit: Lufthansa Technik

Lounge-Style Cabin Design
Lufthansa Technik’s SkyRetreat cabin is targeted to a new generation of corporate/VIP aircraft customers who prefer more lounge-style designs, additional space and visual amenities, such as 3D projections. Consequently, the MRO’s design team is primarily focused on widebodies, such as the Airbus A330/350 and Boeing 747/777/787, and narrowbodies including the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737.

For corporate versions of these popular transports, the company provides a total range of services, including complete cabin design, engineering and certification, component selection and integration, as well as Lufthansa Technik’s new “»nice«” cabin management and entertainment systems. With more second-hand commercial aircraft being modified with VIP interiors, Lufthansa Technik also offers full overhaul services.

Sheffield Aerospace photo
Credit: Sheffield Aerospace

Materials And Parts Sourcing
Sheffield Aerospace has expanded its cost-reducing Alternate Materials Solution Program (AMSP) to provide a total solution for material/parts sourcing and engineering approval for an operator’s specific fleet or aircraft type. Examples include PMA seat cushions and covers that may include branding and color changes, along with incorporation of antimicrobial additives to raw materials for tray tables, lavatory pans, toilet seats, window shades, arm caps, latches or any blended raw material through the company’s partner suppliers.   

Sheffield Engineering also offers supplier selection services—from single components to complete cabin refurbishments—as well as full project management and engineering support.

Finnair photo
Credit: Finnair

Sustainable Cabin Design    
Orson Associates, a UK-headquartered design firm, reports that the COVID-19 pandemic has sparked increasing interest in private aviation and a drive toward greater use of anti-pathogen materials and finishes, ease of cleaning and air filtration systems. Along with these measures, global initiatives to address climate change are promoting greater use of lightweight structures and recycled materials in cabin design projects.  

Orson Associates’ experience in the private aircraft cabin design world ranges from Piaggio P-180s to widebody airliners, providing cabin layouts and equipment specifications, working alongside experts in engineering, manufacturing and certification to define the aesthetic, ergonomic and other experiential factors that will create the comfort and feeling the owner requires.