Business And Commercial Aviation News From March 1970


In January, Ralph Nader, the crusading champion of the consumer, vented some of his anti-establishment spleen on general aviation, as everyone felt he eventually would. . . .

. . . . We don’t think BCA is alone is agreeing that shoulder harnesses are a safety item we should have had long ago in general aviation aircraft.  The ammunition for the Nadermen group was almost wholly supplied by the work and writings of Hugh DeHaven, A. Howard Hasbrook and John J. Swearingen.— BCA Staff

HAA-goers were invited to see the modification to the Sikorsky S-55 that replaces its radial piston powerplant with an AiResearch TPE 331.

HAA 1970

The HAA’s return to Las Vegas, after last year’s affair at Hollywood, Florida, also marks a return to equanimity and peace for an association wracked with dissension.


The sloping nose section of the Aerostar 600/601 twins enhances cockpit visibility. The landing lights are incorporated in the nose.

Unique supersonic bizjet is being studied by Lassiter Aircraft Corp., Culver City, California. Heading the study is Gordon Israel, who figured prominently in the transformation of the Swiss fighter into what is now the Learjet.

Charles C. Gates Jr.

“There are three phases of any business: create, make and market. It was obvious that Bill Lear had accomplished the first two. What the Learjet needed to succeed was an effective marketing program, and we had the knowledge to take a product to market.” — Charles Gates

Ramapo Valley Airport once deep in the country, is now in the midst of one of the fastest growing suburban areas in the U.S. Some 170 airplanes are based at the field; the largest are light twins. 


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Bell Helicopter’s twin-engine Model 212, one of four in the certification flight-test program, flies near Fort Worth. Certification of the civil 212 is anticipated in August; prospective customers got their first look at the ship during January’s Helicopter Association meeting at Las Vegas. Powerplants are two 800-hp Pratt & Whitney PT6T-3 turbines, which deliver 1,250 hp through a mating gearbox, and can produce up to 9000 hp each (30 min.) for single-engine operations. The price: $575,000.
The RDR-110 provides superior weather-detection and terrain-mapping capability for any light or medium twin. Priced at $7,866 (less Ku-band radome and installation).


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