From The Archvies: Piper Four Place Cherokee

This is a photograph of a prototype Piper Cherokee, a new low wing, four-place, lightplane replacement for the Tri-Pacer. The aircraft in the image was being flown by Thomas F. Heffner, chief of flight testing, over Piper Aircraft's new production plant at Vero Beach, Fla. Municpal Airport. The plant was specifically designed for Cherokee production and the firm planned to reach a rate of five-a-day by next fall, in 1961. 

The aircraft graces the front cover of the Jan. 9, 1961 issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology. 

In this issue there is a 'business flying' section from page from 100 to 115 and you can read more about the Piper Cherokee lightplane, how a Swiss helicopter uses fiber blades, and an article about Mexicans fighting drug traffic from the air. 

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