From The Archives: Three Business Aircraft Models Unveiled

Business aviation was booming in 1969 - three bizav jets were unveiled in one week at NBAA. 

In this article Erwin J. Bulban highlights three aircraft unveiled Hamburger Flugzeugbau's Hansa Jet 320, Lear Jet's Model 24C and the Mitsubishi/Mooney Mu-2G.

Hamburger Flugzeugbau spoke of major improvements to its Hansa Jet 320. And discussed new details to the new Hansa Jet 330 which would be powered by 4,050-lb. static Thrust Garrett AiResearch ATF3 turbofans. The fuselage would be lengthened to allow a more spacious cabin area. 

Lear Jet announced plans at the show to up its current aircraft line form two to four. Its 24C and 25C would be added to the 25B "to broaden its market penetration", Bulban wrote, by offering airplanes in the price range of $700,000 to $950,000.

Lear Jet Models 24C and 25C will incorporate the results of the design review which includes the window shape from oval to a smaller, rectangular shape allowing more windows and the seats have been redesigned. 

To read more about the three aircraft, read the full article.

If you're subscriber you can read the full story on page 25 in the issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology dated Sep. 29, 1969.


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