From The Archives: New Jetstar 3 Model Shown By Lockheed

Lockheed showed a model of a new three-engined JetStar 3 to potentially replace its four-engined Lockheed JetStar but as with new business plans, marketing studies are underway.

In this picture story, you can see a single exhaust duct on both wing-mounted as well as internal engine installations. In the image on the right of page 67 you can see "a modified wing planform, which differs from present JetStar" in shape. 

Lockheed proposes the fuselage will be the same diameter as the present JetStar but 8 ft. longer.

If you're a subscriber you can read the article published in the issue of Oct. 6, 1969 of Aviation Week & Space Technology

Lockheed Considers Three-Engine Jetstar Sep. 29, 1969


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Mini TriStar?