From The Archives: Learjet 25 Model Transporter

This stretched version of the Lear Jet Model 23/24 business jet performing its first flight. This image from the flight made it onto the front cover of the Sep. 26, 1966 issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology. The fuselage is 4.5 ft. longer than the earlier versions. 

We reported on the business jet's first flight on Aug. 12, and a short picture story featured in the Aug. 22, 1966 issue

Lear Jet first flight

The aircraft has a takeoff weight of 15,000 lb. and would seat eight passengers and two crew members. In 1966 the cost of the jet would have set you back $795,000 inclusive of avionics and interior. 

In another issue of the magazine the design of the aircraft was showcased in a photographic feature article from images taken at the recent NBAA show where it was on static display in St Louis. In the Nov. 14 1966 issue the images show the front and rear view of the fuselage and engines. 

Lear Jet 25 NBAA show

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