From The Archives: Grumman Gulfstream Pilot Report

The Grumman Gulfstream aircraft, which had its first flight on Aug. 14, 1958, was treated to a test flight over a year later, by one of our reporters who discusses the flight capabilities, fuel system, climb rate, cockpit and instrumentation. 

The pilot said that the aircraft was easy to handle, rugged. He says: Grumman has worked the ruggedness of its military line into its pressurized, 350 mph twin turboprop corporate Gulfstream and suggests that it should show "few transition problems for pilots of executive piston-engine aircraft".

The writer tells us that the basic cost of the air-conditioned, tricycle-geared aircraft is $896,000. Completed cost, including distributor installation of avionic equipment, instrumentation and interior layout is about $1,046,000.

If you're a subscriber, you can read the full pilot report published in Aviation Week on Oct. 5, 1959.

In this report you will see more images including pictures of the interior, flightdeck and table diagrams showing range and engine data, specifications and performance.  


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