From The Archives: Cessna 210 Design Changes Add Speed, Controllability

In this pilot report, Richard Sweeney takes the controls of a Cessna 210, the newest entry in the business airplane field, in 1959. 

It has a retractable landing gear, swept vertical stabilizer mark major changes to fill gap between Skylane and Model 310-C. 

It's described in the report as a high performance single engine, high wing monoplane with retractable landing gear. The article notes that the projected price for a standard equipped 210 is $22,450.

Sweeney wrote the first takeoff indicated that the aircraft is very light. It flew smoothly and several different landng patterns were flown to demonstrate its capabilities.

To read how the retractable landing gear works, learn more about its engine, see a three view diagram of the aircraft fro the front, top, and side, and learn more about its flight characteristics, become a subscriber. 

If you're a subscriber, you can read the full report on page 98 of the Aug. 31, 1959 issue of Aviation Week Including Space Technology. You'll also see some impressive images of the aircraft in flight, the retractable landing gear and a cockpit photograph. See the cover image too.


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