From The Archives: Bubble Or Bonanza

The first warning signs that the business aviation sales bubble is about to burst, yet large swaths of the market remain unfazed leaving our writers wondering if there is even a bubble at all in 2008.

An increase in used aircraft inventory is one of the leading indicators of a downturn industry, according to one industry expert, and another said that prices on used aircraft are also decreasing.

The signs of softening are not sales activity, or drying up access to capital. Massive deals worry some industry players our writers said. A senior sales director said his business jet management company had recently been approached by inexperienced investors with business propositions that didn't make any sense. 

Rolls-Royce updated its business jet forecast and found emerging markets in India and Russia and new growth regions in Eastern Europe. 

Read on to find out whether there is a bubble or not, who is buying Boeing Business Jets, Airbus A350XWBs and  A380s and how long the customer has to wait for their aircraft. 

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