From The Archives: Boeing, GE Launch 737 Business Jet

Boeing and GE launched a business jet under a joint venture with GE, called Boeing Business Jets, as reported in an issue of the magazine in 1996. The executive jet would be a version of the 737-700 with a 6,000-naut. mi. transpacific unfueled range. 

Propulsion would be provided by CFM56-7 engines and the cost of a completed aircraft could be $35 million, "about the same price as a G5 or a Global Express", wrote Stanley W. Kandebo, and there are hopes to build "in excess of 10 per year".

The Boeing Business Jet's target market would be corporate and executive jet operators, U.S. and international governments, militaries, sports teams and others not yet identified. The first two aircraft are on order and set for delivery in 1998 band 1999.

Read on for more information about which aircraft are its competitors and how the jet compares to them. If you're a subscriber you can read the full article and see the configuration diagrams from the Jul. 8, 1996 issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology

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