From The Archives: Boeing 747 Begins Flight Testing Phase

Boeing's iconic 747 performed its first flight 53 years ago this week and of course Aviation Week & Space Technology reported the event. 

The maiden flight was two months later than planned after facing certification challenges.

The flight lasted 1 hr. 16 min and it touched down at Paine Field. A caption on one of the impressive photographs reads: "Trailing-edge flaps are set at the alternate landing configuration of 25 deg. Misalignment was detected on a forward segment of the inboard sections at 30 deg. and Jack Waddell, 747 project pilot, elected to go back to a 25 deg. setting and end the flight earlier than planned."

If you're a subscriber you can see the images and read the report on pages 26 to 30 in the February 17, 1969 issue of the magazine. 


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