From The Archive: Easy Handling Marks Cessna Model 340

Cessna's Model 340 was a pressurized twin-engine aircraft that our pilot reported was "easy-to-fly". The six-seater aircraft consisting of a two-man crew and four passengers. Original production rate of the aircraft was six to seven a month but it then ramped up to 13 a month due to popular demand.

Cessna saw potential in the owner-pilot market, but why a pressurized aircraft? Cessna's marketing executive said: "Some of these operators are finding that the unpressurized aircraft are not really doing their job because of the physical conditions of some of the passengers.

"These companies are not able to use their 310s or Barons to carry certain executives because lack of pressurization is too tough on them." He explained that this means executives are sent out on turboprops and jets that cost $300 to $1000 an hour.

Read more to find out how much you'd pay for it in 1972, how it handles, cabin pressure supply, avionics and everything else you'd expect to learn from one of our pilot reports.  

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