New Flight Planning, Analysis And Safety Software

Garmin FitPlan
Credit: Garmin

1. Runway Analysis Service

Garmin introduced the AeroData runway analysis service, which is available to pilots through its flight planning service. AeroData and two other runway analysis services available from—Aircraft Performance Group and Automated Systems in Aircraft Performance—help pilots maximize the performance of their aircraft while assuring compliance with runway and obstacle requirements. New capabilities AeroData provides include engine-out escape procedures factoring in obstacles and terrain; configuration of takeoff-and-landing data (TOLD) based on conditions and limitations; automatic calculation of aircraft fuel requirements based on the flight plan; and integration with the Garmin Pilot flight-planning app.

2. Flight Data Analysis Services

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Textron Aviation now offers L3Harris Technologies’ web-based flight data analysis service for its Cessna Citation customers. The service initially will be available on Cessna Citation CJ4 business jets equipped with the Aircraft Recording System II (AReS II). Data will be aggregated on the aircraft, facilitating wireless transfer directly to L3Harris’ Flight Data Connect service via the onboard LinxUs fault isolation system. Aircraft that are not equipped with traditional flight data recording capabilities can now benefit from flight data analysis.

3. Flight Planning Guide and SMS

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Aviation Manuals and sister company ARC Safety Management “invested heavily” in software development and introduced new manual offerings during 2020. Among new products the companies introduced are: COVID-19 procedures for flight, ground, emergency response plans and FBOs; a minimum equipment lists guide; augmented ARC safety management system (SMS) risk assessment tools; and a complimentary in-depth flight planning guide available for download on the Aviation Manuals website. ARC Safety Management is a modular online and app solution for managing safety, communications and overall aviation operations.

Aviation Manuals supports a client base that operates 4,500 aircraft worldwide, including 60 Fortune 100 company flight departments.