Flight Planning And Booking Software

FlightAware Aviator interface
Credit: Credit: FlightAware

Recent software and mobile app launches, including those listed below, have made flight planning, tracking, scheduling and booking easier and more accessible.

Aviator Targets Piston Market 
Flight information provider FlightAware recently launched a subscription-based flight-tracking suite for piston airplane pilots and operators called Aviator.

Aviator is accessible via the internet and Apple iOS mobile operating system. Any subscriber can register multiple aircraft, including rentals, and unlock features like Ready To Taxi, Premium Weather and Map Layers, Surface Visualizations, FBO Scheduling, and ETAs that are automatically updated by FlightAware’s machine predictive technology, Foresight.

With Aviator, FBOs and pilots’ family and friends can receive alerts from preflight and taxi out, through landing and taxi in. Aviator also provides monthly history reports for pilots and operators to review critical flight details.

“Aviator was created by FlightAware pilots to share advanced flight tracking features with other piston airplane pilots,” said FlightAware CEO Daniel Baker. “With Aviator, we’re bringing a product with robust tools and processes developed for the most sophisticated flight departments and commercial airlines, right to the GA pilot.”

On Aug. 30, Raytheon Technologies' Collins Aerospace business announced that it had signed a definitive agreement to acquire FlightAware, which will be grouped with Collins' Information Management Services division.
Flight Scheduling System 

Flight Consulting Group IT platform
Credit: Flight Consulting Group

Flight Consulting Group has streamlined flight planning and support processes by synchronizing the FCG ATOM IT platform with Leon flight scheduling and management software, an on-line system for operators. The integration provides companies that use Leon with a real-time access to flight preparation status in a familiar system interface.

The real-time data exchange between FCG ATOM and Leon facilitates the communication of all parties involved in the flight-planning process. The systems exchange information about flight schedules, crew and passenger lists, departure and landing times, Central Flow Management Unit slots, and the status of each ordered service.

The integration of the platforms eliminates duplicate actions, reduces manual operations and phone calls, and minimizes the risks of typing mistakes. 

“The on-line monitoring capability allows our clients to keep an eye on every step of the flight planning process and make well-timed changes”, the company said. “With this in mind, we created the FCG ATOM customer portal several years ago. The integration of FCG ATOM and Leon systems is the next step toward optimizing the workflow.”

Charter Booking Service

JetASAP mobile app
Credit: JetASAP

JetASAP, a self-service mobile app, allows travelers to submit their confidential trip request for private jet travel with one push of a button. The request is submitted to more than 700 charter operators in the U.S., and travelers can book as many trips as they like and never pay any commissions or membership fees.

With an eye on continuous improvement, the JetASAP executive team plans for the next version of the app to offer fixed price one-ways and empty legs, among others, increasing the options available to users.