Aircraft Overview: Citation Sovereign


The Citation Sovereign and Sovereign+ are a pair of super-midsize-category business jets that represent the two commercial designations for Textron Aviation’s model 680 type. That type initially received FAA certification on June 2, 2004, with the first two deliveries announced on Sept. 30, 2004. An updated version of the model 680 type—which increased the airframe’s range, as well as incorporated more powerful engines and winglets—was announced in October 2012 and certified by the FAA on Dec. 20, 2013. 


Both the Sovereign and Sovereign+ have a maximum passenger capacity of 12, with two pilots required to operate the airplane and the latter’s cabin having a height of 68 in., width of 66 in. and length of 25 ft. 3 in.

" This versatile business airplane has earned a reputation for rock-solid reliability, operators say, plus it has the largest cabin of any midsize jet of its vintage, along with class leading runway and climb performance. "


- BCA Senior Editor

Pilots operate the Sovereign+ using Garmin’s G5000 integrated flightdeck that features, as standard, autothrottles that are “fully integrated,” flight management systems, Garmin’s Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT), four touch-screen control panels and transponders that are capable of automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) Out.


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" That combination of operational flexibility at an attractive price is fully consistent with the simple, sensible Cessna Citation design philosophy that’s been the hallmark of the marque for four decades. "


- BCA Senior Editor


Mission and Performance

Regardless of the commercial designation, the operating limitations of the model 680 type include a maximum operating limit speed (MMO) of 0.80 Mach above 29,833 ft., as well as a maximum operating altitude of 47,000 ft. At the time that it was certified, Cessna stated that the Sovereign had a range of 2,730 nm, with the respective takeoff and landing distances being 3,694 ft. and 2,650 ft. Comparatively, the Sovereign+ increased the maximum range to 3,200 nm, while the takeoff field length and landing distance were reduced to 3,530 ft. and 2,600 ft. 

On Air Charter Guide, April 2021, there are 94 Cessna Citation Sovereign for charter including two 8-seaters from Priester Aviation and one 9-seater from PlaneMasters.


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Other specifications that differ between the commercial designations of the model 680 type include the fuel capacity, maximum weights and static thrust limits of the PW306 engines. With reference to the maximum weights, the Sovereign is limited to a maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of 30,300 lb., a limit that the Sovereign+ increased to 30,775 lb. Other weights that were promoted for the Sovereign+ include a basic operating weight of 18,235 lb., useful load of 12,790 lb. and maximum payload of 2,765 lb., with the latter reduced to 1,400 lb. when the airplane is carrying its full-fuel capacity.