Poll: Is This The Right Time For Lawmakers To Push For Carbon Emission Reduction Mandates For U.S. Carriers?

U.S. House Democrats proposed sending airlines payroll grants totaling $37 billion, shortly after a Republican-led Senate bill that offered loans but not grants failed along procedural lines for the second time in as many days.

The Senate package is at an impasse over demands from Democratic lawmakers that airline emissions reduction standards be included as a condition to the aid, along with several other conditions involving labor standards and tax credits for renewable energy.

It is unclear whether the emissions reductions mandate will be tolerated by the GOP-led Senate in any compromise legislation that emerges from negotiations. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell lambasted the idea earlier Mar. 23 on the Senate Floor. “Democrats are filibustering ... because they want to argue with airlines over their carbon footprints? You’ve got to be kidding,” McConnell said.

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