Poll: How Would You Describe The Request By U.S. Airports For $10B In Federal Relief?

American airports have asked the U.S. Congress for $10 billion in immediate aid to help offset the massive drop in travel levels caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The proposal being discussed would see funds flow through the existing FAA Airport Improvement Program. Eligible spending, normally limited to infrastructure projects, would be expanded to include operational expenses and debt payments to help airports weather the temporary fall in revenues caused by fewer passengers. 

The request comes after U.S. commercial airlines, through their Airlines for America lobbying arm, requested an emergency package of $58 billion in grants and loans and relief from all excise taxes through 2021. 

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Assistance should be in the form of low-interest, long-term loans. Taxpayers should not foot the bill for grant money, at least not at this level.