Question of the Day: The Sustainability Factor

Credit: Routes

Do you think that an airport’s sustainability credentials will influence airline network planning decisions in the future?

SAS CEO Anko van der Werff: "Wholeheartedly yes. The partners that we're working with, certainly close to home, are the right partners for this and everybody's thinking about it."

Wideroe CEO Stein Nilsen: "Yes of course. As far as Wideroe, we are so lucky to have Avinor in Norway with the same strategyas us."

London Southend Airport Director of Commercial & Customer Nigel Mayes: “Eventually, yes. Less so now, but more so in the future. I think it will take time for the aircraft to come through and for us to get better data on sustainability. So maybe in the next five to 10 years.”

Budapest Airport Head of Airline Development Balazs Bogats: “Yes, definitely. The whole industry needs to be greener and more sustainable. Green fuel is a little bit further away so as an airport there is more we can do."

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The Red Sea International Airport Aviation Business Development and Commercial Contracts Director Michael White: "Yes, I do. I think the consumer going forward is more concerned about the sustainable streams that airlines are taking part in, and it's going to influence passengers’ decision going forward. In Saudi Arabia that is something we're looking at very seriously. All of our airports are now going through a kind of regulatory refresh. In The Red Sea International Airport we're looking at introducing things like new green tariffs to help tell that story and to reassure the passenger that is something that both the airports and airlines are looking at."

Scandinavian Mountains Airport CEO Gunnar Lenman: "It's actually a partnership between the airport and the airlines working together. We need to see that the airlines have their programs, the right kind of fuel, going electric in the future etc. At the same time we at the airport need to do these things. It’s about mutual commitment."