Alaska Airlines To Interline With Hawaii’s Mokulele Airlines

Credit: Angus McComiskey / Alamy Stock Photo

Alaska Airlines passengers will be able to connect to flights operated by Hawaiian inter-island carrier Mokulele Airlines beginning early in 2023.

An agreement reached between the airlines will enable interlining for Alaska passengers who want to connect beyond the Seattle (SEA)-based carrier’s up to 30 daily flights to Hawaii from seven western US cities. Alaska first started serving Hawaii with SEA-Honolulu (HNL) flights in 2007.

Mokulele is Hawaii’s largest regional/commuter airline, serving 10 destinations on the islands with a fleet of nine-seat Cessna 208B Grand Caravans and now an additional 28-seat Saab 340.

In 2019, Mokulele became a subsidiary of Southern Airways, which operates commuter flights throughout the US.

Southern plans to add a second Saab 340 aircraft to Mokulele’s fleet this month (the first was added in October). “We are in a growth mode, bringing more aircraft and larger aircraft to Hawaii,” Southern Airways chief of staff Keith Sisson said in a statement. “For the upcoming year, we are looking at every possibility for offering a more diverse platform of services to the people of the islands.”

Mokulele operates more than 800 weekly flights, island-hopping between 10 destinations in Hawaii.

In October, Mokulele announced a similar interline deal with Hawaiian Airlines.

Aaron Karp

Aaron Karp is a Contributing Editor to the Aviation Week Network.