New Deals For Envoy, PSA Pilots Include Range Of Incentives

Envoy Air American Eagle E175
Credit: Envoy Air

Envoy Air and PSA Airlines recently struck new agreements that include tiers of bonuses rewarding both new hires and current pilots, further solidifying parent company American Airlines’ pilot pathway. 

Among the financial incentives in the deals are $30,000 bonuses for upgrading to captain—a provision that applies to current captains as well. Flowing through to American’s mainline operation brings up to $120,000 in additional bonuses. If pilots elect to stay at the regional level, they will receive the same bonuses as the flow-through program, paid out in three annual installments. 

Alongside a similar agreement announced between American subsidiary Piedmont and its pilots, the deals are tailored to keep pilots flowing into the American Airlines family while providing incentives that both stabilize the regional carriers and feed the mainline operation. Pilots at all three regionals are represented by the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA). 

“The recent agreements achieved at Envoy, PSA, and at our sister carrier Piedmont Airlines, are truly groundbreaking and industry-leading for regional airline pilots,” said Envoy ALPA Master Executive Council (MEC) chair Nicholas DeNicola and PSA ALPA MEC chair John Ebbert. “These agreements ensure that our airlines are well-positioned for future growth, stability, and success.” 

The added incentives come on top of new-hire bonuses that the regionals have. Envoy reintroduced its $15,000 sign-on bonus in July. It requires pilots stay at the carrier for at least two years. 

The moves come amid broader efforts by the airlines to ensure they are sufficiently staffed as travel demand in the U.S. ramps up, particularly for domestic flying—an issue challenging U.S. major carriers as well. 

Envoy in July brought back bonuses for FAA-certified airframe and powerplant (A&P) mechanics, offering $7,500 for new hires, payable up front, in exchange for a two-year commitment. Other experience bonuses of up to $15,000 are available. 

PSA has revamped mechanic pay twice in recent months, increasing first-year salary potential and adding a $2,500 sign-on bonus in May. A further incentive came in July when PSA revamped the mechanic pay scale to includes a first-year salary of up to $58,600, $15,000 in bonuses linked to experience, and up to $5,000 in new tools for mechanics with FAA airframe and powerplant certificates. 

Envoy in August rolled out $1,500 bonuses for several other positions, including ramp agents and airport customer service staff. 

Sean Broderick

Senior Air Transport & Safety Editor Sean Broderick covers aviation safety, MRO, and the airline business from Aviation Week Network's Washington, D.C. office.