Webinar: Airbus, Boeing and Embraer: Flight Paths Forward

This webinar took place June 5, 2020

The drastic effects of COVID-19 on aircraft demand have been well reported. But what is the long-term structural impact on airline networks, and how does that change which type of aircraft will be in demand when better times return? With Boeing’s NMA dead for now, what key product decisions will air framers face to remain competitive in the long run? And can Embraer survive on its own?

London-based aerospace analyst Sash Tusa joins Aviation Week editors to discuss the paths forward for commercial aerospace.

Watch the full recording above.


  • Sash Tusa, Aerospace Analyst, Agency Partners
  • Jens Flottau, Executive Editor, Commercial Aviation, Aviation Week Network
  • Guy Norris, Senior Propulsion Editor, Aviation Week Network

Moderator: Joe Anselmo, Editorial Director, Aviation Week Network


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