Webinar: Can the U.S. Air Force Help Save UAM?

This webinar took place May 15, 2020

With the impact of COVID-19 on private investment and corporate R&D alike, can the nascent electric VTOL industry survive to inaugurate the age of urban air mobility? Can a U.S. Air Force program called Agility Prime help the industry get through this interregnum and attract investment? And why was VTOL such a hot topic before COVID-19 hit? Can it regain that heat?

Agility Prime Team Leader Col. Nate Diller and Vertical Flight Society Executive Director Mike Hirschberg joins Aviation Week editors to discuss this glimmer of hopeful news in hard times.

Watch the full recording above.


  • Col Nathan Diller, USAF - Agility Prime Team Lead
  • Mike Hirschberg, Executive Director, Vertical Flight Society
  • Graham Warwick, Executive Editor, Technology, Aviation Week Network

Moderator: Joe Anselmo, Editorial Director, Aviation Week Network


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