Doing Our Part With Crisis-Focused Content

Now that we are all engaged in unprecedented efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19, I'd like to update you on actions that the Aviation Week Network has taken since my last letter a few weeks ago.

Our goal from the beginning of this crisis has been to deliver high-quality, reliable and actionable information. We want to help you maintain situational awareness, see forward and connect with experts and each other to navigate the risks, plan for the recovery and return to growth.

Here are initiatives we have already launched to make "know-predict-connect" a reality for you:

  • Some 8,000 COVID-19-related articles, more than 1,000 of them analytical, opinion or feature pieces aimed at sharing best practices, solutions and forecasts.
  • A coronavirus portal, curated daily and free to all, that provides convenient access to the above content.
  • Three webinars and two podcasts per week that address the challenges across aviation and aerospace and especially in our niche communities of Air Transport, MRO, Defense, Space, Business Aviation and Aerospace, featuring our leading editors, analysts and guest experts.
  • Expansion of Route Exchange, which connects airline network planners and airports in the absence of live Routes events.
  • Ask the Editors, another free service offering that provides an opportunity to reach out to our editors and the experts with whom they consult for answers to your questions.
  • SpeedNews COVID-19 Manufacturer and Supplier Services connecting industry players who are stepping in to play a role in addressing medical shortages.
  • New features for our premium subscribers, such as an AWIN coronavirus portal, The Daily Memo and a new monthly COVID-19 key indicator report.
  • CAPA country-by-country Air Transport COVID-19 analyses.
  • A new Air Transport group on WeChat to help members make new connections and share best practices with their Chinese counterparts. Click here for a video on how to join the group.

From the engagement we are seeing on our websites (22% traffic growth since January) and webinars (over 10,000 have registered so far), it is clear that our information is being consumed and used all over the world.

We will continue to do our part to help the industry move to the other side of the pandemic and begin growing again. Until then, if there is anything you think we could do better and to be more useful, please contact me or anyone on our global team.


Greg Hamilton

Greg Hamilton is president of Aviation Week Network, a division of Informa Markets. He is responsible for the overall strategy and direction for Aviation Week Network’s digital, event, print and data/analytics services covering all aspects of aviation, aerospace and defense.