Bombardier sees a range increase that it has just added to its forthcoming Global 7000 business jet as particularly applicable to the Chinese market, enabling the big aircraft to fly non-stop from Hong Kong to New York.

The 300 nm. (560 km) addition, increasing range to 7,700 nm, will make the Global 7000 the farthest-flying business aircraft designed from the outset as such. The extension follows 1,800 hours of flight testing and will apply to the type as baseline specification, not as an option, Bombardier says.

The range extension is for a cruise speed of Mach 0.85 with eight passengers each weighing an estimated 225 lb.

Nonstop flights from New York to Hong Kong are already possible, heading east, says Kahder Mattar, vice president for sales in the Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa. But Hong Kong to New York is not and will not be until the Global 7000 is available, he says.

With a range of 7,500 nm, the Gulfstream G650ER is currently the farthest-flying of any purpose-designed business jet.

Chinese buyers tend to find the latest and largest business aircraft even more attractive than customers elsewhere do, industry executives unrelated to Bombardier say. That has been a factor in strong sales of the G650 and G650ER in the country.

Among the performance objectives for the aircraft is capability to use London City Airport at full weight with a wet runway.