The world’s two largest manufacturers of luxury jets are exactly even in their race to win over the wealthy elite in Greater China.

Airbus and Boeing both have exactly the same number of VVIP business jets in service — 18 each, for a combined fleet of 36, according to data from Hong Kong consultants Asian Sky Group. And bragging rights for the biggest and grandest are divided equally between Deer Jet’s Boeing 787 Dream Jet and an Airbus ACJ330 that is based in Hong Kong.

But when it comes to the Asia Pacific region, Boeing has the edge with 38 luxury craft versus Airbus’ score of 30. Boeing added a net two aircraft to the region last year while Airbus saw four depart but one was added for a net loss of three. In the very, very large VVIP category, Boeing’s fleet tallies a 747-400, a 747-8i, a 767-200ER (all in Brunei) and the 787 with Deer Jet. Airbus heavy metal consists of an A340-500 in Brunei, and the Hong Kong ACJ330. All the deliveries in 2017 were pre-owned aircraft.

[Boeing Business Jets counts its numbers differently and says it has a fleet of 51 in the region, including head-of-state and government-operated aircraft].

Airbus is here at ABACE with an ACJ318 Elite from Al Jaber Aviation, with an interior by Lufthansa Technik. Boeing is showing a privately-owned BBJ.