War in Ukraine

AerFin Partners with Nonprofit to Support Refugees, Boost Workforce

By Lindsay Bjerregaard May 27, 2022
AerFin is working with RefuAid to provide refugees from global conflict zones with resettlement and employment support.
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EUCOM Nominee: Finland, Sweden Will Instantly Increase NATO Strength
Finland and Sweden joining NATO instantly would enhance the alliance’s military power with capable air forces and increasing acquisition budgets, the nominee to lead U.S. European Command and become the alliance’s Supreme Allied Commander-Europe told lawmakers.
andy.savoie@av… Thu, 05/26/2022 - 21:49
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BlackSky, Maxar, Planet Win NRO’s Largest Imagery Contract Effort

By Brian Everstine May 25, 2022
The U.S. National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) has awarded its largest-ever commercial imagery contract effort—up to billions over the next decade—to BlackSky, Maxar and Planet at a critical time for the industry.

NATO Global Hawks Surge To Monitor Conflict In Ukraine

By Tony Osborne May 25, 2022
The Sigonella, Italy-based fleet of five Northrop Grumman RQ-4Ds conducted surge operations May 11-18 along NATO's eastern front.
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Beluga Rides On New Air Freight Demand

By Chen Chuanren May 25, 2022
The Singapore military has contracted Airbus to deliver its new batch of H225M helicopters from France, ferried on the company’s BelugaST transporter.
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Russian Startup Halts Operations As Cessna Aircraft Prove Unavailable

Aviation Week Network staff May 24, 2022
Kamchatka Airlines, an aviation startup from Russia’s Far East, has stopped operations due to the lack of Western-made aircraft.
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The Russia-Ukraine War, Its Aftermath and Changes to Ponder

By Byron Callan May 24, 2022
There are three broad scenarios for Russia’s future and supply chain considerations for the West.
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New Aid For Ukraine Includes Harpoon Missiles, Attack Helicopters

By Brian Everstine May 23, 2022
More than 20 nations announced new packages of military aid for Ukraine following a meeting of more than 40 countries on May 23, the Pentagon announced.
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EU Mulls Framework For More Coordinated Defense Procurement 

By Tony Osborne May 23, 2022
The EU is concerned that member states are not coordinating their procurements, leading to further fragmentation of the defense industry. 
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Russian Helicopters To Replace Western Engines

Aviation Week Staff May 20, 2022
Russian Helicopters is preparing to replace Western-made engines on its products, with plans to test domestic powerplants on the Kamov Ka-226 and Ka-62 and Kazan Ansat as soon as 2023.
Aircraft & Propulsion

UK Bans Russian Airlines From Selling Airport Slots

By Alan Dron May 20, 2022
In its latest round of sanctions aimed at Russian entities in the wake of the Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the UK government has barred three Russian airlines from raising cash by selling their slots at UK airports.
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Daily Memo: The Ripple Effects Of Russia’s Ukraine Invasion

By Helen Massy-Beresford May 20, 2022
Almost three months on from the initial shock of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the long-term impacts of the ongoing conflict on commercial aviation and aerospace are becoming clearer.
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Pentagon To Airlift Additional Aid To Ukraine Under New Package
The Pentagon on May 19 announced it would airlift more counter-artillery radars, howitzers and other equipment to Ukraine, shortly after the Senate approved a $40.1 billion package of assistance.
michael.stearn… Thu, 05/19/2022 - 20:16
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Viasat Still Fending Off Cyberattacks On KA-SAT Satellite Network

By Garrett Reim May 19, 2022
The satellite company is weeks from restoring service to all users but is wary about sharing too many details of the Feb. 24 attack.
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Finland And Sweden Endorse NATO Membership

By Tony Osborne May 16, 2022
The governments of Finland and Sweden have endorsed plans to join NATO, ending their long-held policy of non-military alignment in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
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Sweden Safer Under NATO, But Russian Backlash Likely, Report Says

By Tony Osborne May 13, 2022
Sweden would be safer under NATO’s security umbrella, but the country would be at risk of a Russian backlash during the application process, a government report suggests. 
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Podcast: The Future Of Air Assault

By Jen DiMascio May 13, 2022
The war in Ukraine is revealing the vulnerability of attack helicopters to man-portable air-defense systems. Defense analyst Sash Tusa joins Aviation Week editors to discuss options that the U.S. Army will consider at its EDGE 22 exercise, how manufacturers could protect future rotorcraft and whether those ideas make sense.
Defense and Space

Viasat Shares Russia Hack Data Via USSF Commercial Integration Cell

By Garrett Reim May 12, 2022
After its KA-SAT satellite internet service in Europe was disrupted on Feb. 24 by an alleged cyberattack from Russia, Viasat shared details of the attack with industry competitors via the U.S. Space Force’s Commercial Integration Cell. 
Commercial Space

Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine Prompts Norwegian Defense Spending Upticks

By Tony Osborne May 12, 2022
Norway is eyeing additional increases in defense spending in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
Budget, Policy & Operations

Finnish Leaders Endorse NATO Membership

By Tony Osborne May 12, 2022
Finland’s prime minister and president have together said the Nordic country “must apply” for NATO membership “as a matter of urgency” to strengthen the country’s security. 
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MROs, Lessors, OEMs Feel Impact Of Ukraine War

By James Pozzi May 12, 2022
How the Ukraine war and sanctions against Russia are affecting MRO providers, lessors and OEMs.
Supply Chain

UK Agrees To Defense Pacts With Finland, Sweden

By Tony Osborne May 11, 2022
The UK has agreed to mutual defense pacts with Finland and Sweden that would see the UK help defend the Nordic nations if attacked.
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Ukraine Hopes To Re-Emerge As ‘Trustworthy Partner’ In Space

By Tony Osborne May 10, 2022
Ukraine is hoping to become a “trustworthy partner” to the West on future space projects, the former chairman of the country’s space agency says.

U.S., Europe Officials Blame Russia For Viasat Attack

By Brian Everstine May 10, 2022
The U.S., the European Union and multiple other nations on May 10 formally attributed cyber attacks against Viasat’s KA-SAT network on Feb. 24 to Russia, claiming Moscow attempted to disrupt Ukrainian command and control as the invasion began.
Commercial Space

Maxar WorldView Legion Launch Delayed After Test Issue

By Michael Bruno May 10, 2022
The highly anticipated debut of the WorldView Legion high-resolution constellation from Maxar Technologies is slipping again, this time to September, as the Colorado company works through a test configuration anomaly, executives announced late May 9.
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