FAA’s Dickson Calls For Stronger Aviation, Telecom Collaboration
The aviation and telecommunications industries need a “stronger, more systemic” means of collaboration to prevent conflicts over potential interference from new 5G wireless networks, FAA Administrator Steve Dickson said.
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AI Autopilot Startup Daedalean Raises $58m

By Graham Warwick Jan 19, 2022
Swiss startup Daedalean has closed a $58 million financing round that will provide the funds needed to bring its machine-leaning-based visual guidance, navigation and control suite to market over the next four years.
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New Wireless Concessions Buy More Time To Quantify 5G Aviation Safety Risks

By Sean Broderick Jan 18, 2022
AT&T and Verizon Wireless have agreed to limit deployment of their new 5G C-band services around some of the busiest U.S. commercial airports, acquiescing to a last-minute plea by major airlines so that aviation stakeholders can further quantify potential safety risks to radio altimeters and related systems. 
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ICAO Issues Report Into Belarus Ryanair Incident
An ICAO fact-finding report into the incident that saw a Ryanair flight forced to land in Belarus in May 2021 is set to be considered by the agency’s 36-nation Council on Jan. 31. 
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Omicron Surge Reignites Europe Slot Debate

By Helen Massy-Beresford Jan 18, 2022
With the latest COVID-19 variant causing widespread flight cancellations, slot rules once again are in the spotlight.
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U.S. Airlines Warn 5G Safety Risks Go Beyond Altimeters

By Sean Broderick Jan 17, 2022
Just days from AT&T and Verizon Wireless beginning the already twice-delayed initial 5G rollout, many questions remain unanswered.
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Experts Say Many Radalts May Need To Be Retrofitted

By Bill Carey Jan 16, 2022
Many of the radio altimeters currently installed on aircraft likely will have to be retrofitted with filters or replaced to protect against potential 5G interference, experts say.
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Op-Ed: It’s Broken ... This Time It Would Be A Failure Not To Fix It

William Swelbar Jan 14, 2022
Why not size U.S. airport infrastructure to better match today’s aircraft technology by consolidating it?
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U.S.-China Row Over Forced Route Suspensions Escalates

By Aaron Karp Jan 14, 2022
The U.S. Transportation Department (DOT) is not ruling out countermeasures following the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) forcing the temporary suspension of a number of routes to China operated by major U.S. airlines—an action DOT says runs afoul of the bilateral air transport agreement between the two countries.
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Pandemic Delays Final Report On Sriwijaya SJ182 Crash To 2023

By Chen Chuanren Jan 14, 2022
The Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee said it needs another year before it can deliver the final report on the fatal Sriwijaya Air Flight SJ182 accident.
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Podcast: What Could Go Wrong In 2022

Jan 14, 2022
As the aerospace industry learns to live with COVID, it faces other big challenges from a stressed supply chain to geopolitical disruptions. Listen in as our editors discuss.

Head Of U.S. Air Traffic Control System To Retire

By Bill Carey Jan 13, 2022
Teri Bristol, the top federal executive responsible for running the U.S. air traffic control system, will retire at the end of February, FAA Administrator Steve Dickson announced.
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5G Restrictions Set To Affect At Least 90 U.S. Commercial Airports

By Sean Broderick Jan 13, 2022
Airline industry stakeholders are working to assess the real-world ramifications of new flight restrictions linked to the 5G wireless network rollout starting Jan. 19, but early indications suggest potentially significant disruptions at scores of commercial airports across the U.S.
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Finnair Struggles To Staff Flights As Crew Call In Sick

By Kurt Hofmann Jan 13, 2022
Finnair has cut its already reduced February flying program by 20% in an attempt to manage the operational challenges caused by high levels of staff absence. 
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French Lawmakers Call For ICAO-Level Environmental Rules

By Thierry Dubois Jan 13, 2022
Environmental regulations for aviation, such as mandates to use sustainable aviation fuel mandates and hydrogen technology certification, should be backed by an international framework set out by ICAO, a French parliamentary report says.
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International Rebound Remains Elusive For Asian Carriers

By Adrian Schofield Jan 13, 2022
Asia-Pacific international recovery significantly lags other regions.
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Omicron Cancellations Intensify European Slots Debate

By Helen Massy-Beresford Jan 12, 2022
Widespread flight cancellations sparked by the omicron surge have intensified debate over pandemic-related European slot relief measures, particularly regarding “ghost flights”—in which carriers operate empty flights in order to keep their takeoff and landing rights.
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Pakistan International Airlines Hopes To Resume European Flying

By Kurt Hofmann Jan 12, 2022
Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) hopes to restart flying to Europe in March as it waits for EASA to lift the suspension it imposed on Pakistani airline operations in 2020 following a fatal accident. 
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FAA Ground Stop Linked To North Korean Hypersonic Missile Test

By Steve Trimble Jan 11, 2022
The FAA ordered the ground-stop at around 2:30 p.m. in Los Angeles “as a matter of precaution,” the agency said Jan. 11, adding that it “regularly takes precautionary measures.” 
Missile Defense & Weapons

China Forces Delta To Temporarily Suspend Shanghai Flights

By Aaron Karp Jan 11, 2022
Delta Air Lines has been forced by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) to temporarily suspend its two routes to Shanghai after falling foul of the regulator’s COVID-19 rule.
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Fire Destroys Aviastar Tu-204 At China’s Hangzhou Airport

By Chen Chuanren Jan 10, 2022
None of the eight staff on board were injured in the incident, which took place on the afternoon of Jan. 8 as the Tupolev Tu-204-100C freighter was preparing to return to Novosibirsk. 
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EASA And European OEMs Explore Single-Pilot Operations

By Thierry Dubois Jan 10, 2022
Startups may pioneer single-pilot operations in regional turboprops, but also create a virtual co-pilot in light aircraft.
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Podcast: Aviation Vs. 5G

Jan 07, 2022
White House-brokered negotiations helped airlines dodge a bullet—for now. Listen in as our editors explain why the aviation industry is so concerned.
Air Transport

Telecom And Aviation Industries Declare 5G Ceasefire

By Bill Carey Jan 07, 2022
AT&T, Verizon and the FAA agree to pause 5G network start until Jan. 19
Connected Aerospace

Industry Commits To Stronger Sustainability Initiatives

By Linda Blachly Jan 06, 2022
November’s COP26 Climate Change Conference had a notable last-minute win for the aviation sector when the ICAO Council approved new criteria for…
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