Hypersonix Scramjet Moves Toward Mach 7 Flight Tests

By Guy Norris May 26, 2022
Test flights of Australian-built scramjet-powered drone targets technology for space launch system and hypersonic defense applications.
Emerging Technologies
BAE Testing Electro Velis Under Agreement With Pipistrel
BAE Systems has taken delivery of and is preparing flight tests for a Pipistrel Electro Velis electric-powered light aircraft as part of an arrangement with the Slovenian manufacturer.  The UK defense company announced in March that it was working with Pipistrel to examine military training applications for electric aircraft. The work is continuing after Textron’s acquisition of the light aircraft manufacturer. 
andy.savoie@av… Wed, 05/25/2022 - 19:03
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Beluga Rides On New Air Freight Demand

By Chen Chuanren May 25, 2022
The Singapore military has contracted Airbus to deliver its new batch of H225M helicopters from France, ferried on the company’s BelugaST transporter.
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B-21 Raider First Flight Reset To 2023 As Intensive Testing Continues
B-21’s loads calibration about half complete; rollout still expected this year.
alex.harrell@a… Wed, 05/25/2022 - 08:00
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NH90 Partners Respond To Fleet Availability Concerns

By Tony Osborne May 25, 2022
NHIndustries partners are taking steps to boost in-service rates, but it may be too little too late for some operators.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Airbus Tiger’s ‘Nervous System’ At Heart Of Midlife Upgrade

By Tony Osborne May 24, 2022
France and Spain have committed to an upgrade that will keep Airbus’ Tiger relevant until the 2050s. However, Germany has yet to follow.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Honeywell Readies GPS-Denied Navigation Systems For Market

By Graham Warwick May 23, 2022
Honeywell is developing a suite of alternative navigation technologies to combat increasing disruption of GPS signals, intentional and unintentional, with the first products planned to be on the market in 2023.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Eielson Completes F-35 Beddown, Marine Squadron Reaches FOC

By Brian Everstine May 20, 2022
The U.S. Air Force’s first F-35A wing in the Pacific reached its full complement of aircraft this week, as the second U.S. Marine Corps F-35B squadron reached full operational capability in Japan.
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U.S. Army Releases Production Volume Data For T901
GE Aviation will need to build up to 467 T901 engines during the first years of production.
steve.trimble@… Fri, 05/20/2022 - 21:04
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Airbus Advancing Tiger Mk. III Development Efforts

By Tony Osborne May 20, 2022
Airbus Helicopters plans to produce three prototypes to support development of the Tiger attack helicopter mid-life upgrade.
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Russian Helicopters To Replace Western Engines

Aviation Week Staff May 20, 2022
Russian Helicopters is preparing to replace Western-made engines on its products, with plans to test domestic powerplants on the Kamov Ka-226 and Ka-62 and Kazan Ansat as soon as 2023.
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Carrier Qualification Imposes Tough Choice For T-45 Replacement

By Steve Trimble May 20, 2022
Can Magic Carpet render undergraduate carrier landings unnecessary for future Navy pilots
Budget, Policy & Operations

Next Presidential Aircraft Delayed Again, Up To Three Years

By Brian Everstine May 19, 2022
The schedule delay for the next presidential aircraft has grown by up to three years as Boeing works through issues on the VC-25B, and the Air Force is programming funds for the existing aircraft to keep it flying to cover the gap.
Aircraft & Propulsion

NATO Speed Demands For Future Rotorcraft Put Airbus To The Test

By Tony Osborne May 19, 2022
Airbus Helicopters believes that NATO demands for a 220-kt. cruise speed for a future medium transport helicopter could drive maximum take-off weights of up to 17 metric tons.
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UK Launches Medium Helicopter Contest For Up To 44 Rotorcraft

By Tony Osborne May 19, 2022
The UK Defense Ministry has launched its long-awaited competition to acquire a new fleet of medium helicopters consolidating several rotary-wing types currently in service.
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T-7A Rollout Follows Boeing Charge, Air Force Procurement Plan

By Brian Everstine May 19, 2022
Boeing rolls out the EMD T-7A version but also announces new charges and delays on the program.
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DARPA Takes Wraps Off Liberty Lifter Concept Design

By Steve Trimble May 18, 2022
The notional concept for the Liberty Lifter program shows a twin-fuselage design similar to the North American F-82 and the Stratolaunch Roc.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Finland’s, Sweden’s NATO Ambitions Could Reshape Their Defense Needs

By Tony Osborne May 18, 2022
As Finland and Sweden seek the safety of NATO’s defense umbrella, accession could bring with it changes to posture and procurement.
Budget, Policy & Operations

U.S. Air Force Is Retiring Its Mobility Trainer

By Brian Everstine May 18, 2022
Heavy-aircraft pilots will use simulators to bridge the gap between the initial turboprop trainer and operational aircraft.
Aircraft & Propulsion

B-21 First Flight Now Set For 2023

By Brian Everstine May 17, 2022
The U.S. Air Force now expects the first flight of the Northrop Grumman B-21 bomber in 2023 as the service prepares for a public rollout later this…
Defense and Space

U.S. Air Force Academy War Lab Mirrors Near-Peer Adversary Refocus

By Guy Norris May 17, 2022
Described as a “quantum leap,” the academy’s new multidisciplinary laboratory takes warfare training to a new level.
Budget, Policy & Operations

Japan May Switch F-X Integration Support Contractor

May 16, 2022
Japan reportedly is considering switching the contractor providing integration support for the F-X fighter development from Lockheed Martin to BAE Systems.
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RAF Temporarily Grows Tanker Capacity To Meet Demand Increase

By Tony Osborne May 16, 2022
The Royal Air Force is temporarily growing its fleet of Airbus A330 Voyager Multi-Role Tanker Transports to deal with an increased demand for aerial refueling, in response to operations over Eastern Europe.
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South Korea Finalizes Purchase Of 40 Bell 505 Training Helicopters

By Chen Chuanren May 16, 2022
South Korea’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) has confirmed that it will be acquiring 40 Bell 505 helicopters under the TH-X training helicopter program. 
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U.S. Marine Corps Plots VTOL Fleet Makeover

By Steve Trimble May 16, 2022
Unmanned Logistics System emerges as the top priority as attack and utility fleet replacement is deferred.
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