Inspector General Faults NASA’s Electrified Aircraft Projects

By Graham Warwick May 19, 2023
NASA’s electrified aircraft propulsion flight demonstration programs face cost overruns and schedule delays, the agency’s inspector general says.
Advanced Air Mobility

NASA’s Nelson Joins Call For Multiyear Authorization By Congress

By Mark Carreau May 16, 2023
NASA Administrator Bill Nelson joined members of a U.S. Senate committee on May 16 in supporting a multiyear authorization measure for the agency.

AeroVironment Joins NASA For Mars Sample Recovery Helo Development

By Mark Carreau May 02, 2023
The multiyear MSR mission is being jointly led by NASA and the European Space Agency.

Senators Raise Human, Science Mission Cost And Schedule Concerns

By Mark Carreau Apr 19, 2023
NASA administrator acknowledges the cost and schedule issues across some of its most challenging human deep-space exploration and space-science objectives.
Budget, Policy & Operations

NASA To Convene Second Mars Sample Return Independent Review

By Mark Carreau Apr 14, 2023
The IRB is chaired by Orlando Figueroa, retired deputy center director for science and technology at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

NASA’s 2024 Budget To Address Mars Sample Return Challenges

By Mark Carreau Mar 23, 2023
The joint NASA/European Space Agency (ESA) Mars Sample Return (MSR) mission will undergo another independent review board assessment later this year.

A Center-by-Center Look At NASA’s Budget Request

By Mark Carreau Mar 20, 2023
NASA’s JSC is in line to receive the largest share of the agency’s $27.2 billion fiscal 2024 budget request among NASA’s 10 field centers and Washington HQ.

NASA Wants More Funds For Sustainable Flight Demos

By Graham Warwick Mar 13, 2023
Sustainable flight is at the heart of NASA’s request for $995.8 million in funding for aeronautics research in fiscal 2024.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

White House Seeks 7.1% NASA Budget Increase

By Mark Carreau Mar 09, 2023
President Biden’s fiscal 2024 budget proposal unveiled March 9 includes $27.2 billion for NASA, a $1.8 billion or 7.1% increase over current-year spending.
Budget, Policy & Operations

White House Space Advisory Group Listens To Concerns

By Mark Carreau Feb 23, 2023
The White House National Space Council Users’ Advisory Group appears to face a challenging military, civil and commercial agenda in the months ahead.

NASA Seeks Commercial Space Station Design Feedback

By Mark Carreau Feb 17, 2023
NASA is seeking commercial space station design feedback from the U.S. aerospace industry on two fronts.
Commercial Space

NASA IG: Cost-Challenged Artemis Must Work Well With Global Partners

By Mark Carreau Jan 17, 2023
NASA has agreed to carry out nine of the recommendations by March 31, 2024.