Western Fighter Pledge Prompts Ukrainian Air Force Revamp

By Steve Trimble May 24, 2023
A promised supply of Western fighter jets has prompted a comprehensive review within Ukraine’s air force of its structure, training and logistics needs.
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Serbia Advances Indigenous Guided Weapon Developments

By Tony Osborne Apr 27, 2023
The country is exploring new roles for its J-22 Orao combat aircraft and expanding its uncrewed aircraft system fleets.
Missile Defense & Weapons

Slovakia Completes MiG-29 Transfers To Ukraine

By Tony Osborne Apr 17, 2023
Slovakia has completed deliveries of its surplus Mikoyan MiG-29 combat aircraft to Ukraine, the country’s defense ministry has confirmed.
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Berlin OKs Poland’s Transfer Of Ex-East German MiG-29s To Ukraine

By Tony Osborne Apr 13, 2023
The German government has approved a Polish request to hand over five Mikoyan MiG-29 “Fulcrum” fighters to Ukraine.
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Ukraine Collects Four MiG-29s From Slovakia

By Tony Osborne Mar 23, 2023
Slovakia has become the first country to declare it has delivered operational crewed combat aircraft to Ukraine.
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MiG Rally Resupplies Ukraine, But Will It Be Enough?

By Steve Trimble Mar 23, 2023
A long-awaited transfer of Polish and Slovakian MiGs will help restore Ukrainian air force capacity, but they add few needed capabilities.
Budget, Policy & Operations

U.S. Offers 12 AH-1Zs To Slovaks After MiG Transfer To Ukraine

By Steve Trimble Mar 22, 2023
The offer serves as “indirect compensation” for donating 13 Mikoyan MiG-29s and parts of an SA-6 battery to Ukraine.
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Slovakia Joins Poland In Sending MiG-29s To Ukraine

By Steve Trimble Mar 17, 2023
Slovakia will send 13 Mikoyan MiG-29s to refresh a combat-scarred Ukrainian air force fleet, adding to up to 24 Fulcrum fighters committed by Poland.
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Poland Commits MiG-29 Fleet To Ukrainian Air Force

By Steve Trimble Mar 16, 2023
The announcement by Warsaw breaks a year-long impasse over whether Western governments would heed Ukrainian demands for fighters.
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Serbia Considers Rafale Fighter After MiG-29 Spares Shortage

By Maxim Pyadushkin Feb 21, 2023
Serbia is continuing negotiations with France’s Dassault Aviation about the purchase of Rafale fighters.
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Indian Navy Performs First Deck Landing On New Carrier

By Chen Chuanren Feb 07, 2023
Tests were carried out by the naval version of the indigenous HAL Light Combat Aircraft Tejas (N-LCA) and a Mikoyan MiG-29K.
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War Fuels Ukrainian Defense Industry Buildup

By Steve Trimble Feb 07, 2023
Defensive preparations in the center of Moscow perhaps reveal a new Russian respect for homegrown weapons being fielded by Ukraine.
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