AAM Spotlight: Christian Bauer, Volocopter CCO/CFO

By Ben Goldstein Jun 02, 2023
Volocopter is a German startup that is on track to become the first Western company with a certified passenger-carrying eVTOL vehicle.
Advanced Air Mobility

Volocopter Lays Maintenance Groundwork

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Jun 01, 2023
As part of its efforts to build maintenance operations, Volocopter will implement Swiss-AS’s AMOS software.

EHang Reiterates Confidence In Type Certification In ‘Near Future’

By Ben Goldstein May 31, 2023
Chinese air taxi startup EHang has reiterated its confidence in receiving type certification in the “near future.”
Advanced Air Mobility

Daily Memo: Paris Olympics Offers First Major Showcase For UAM

By Ben Goldstein May 26, 2023
The AAM industry looks toward large-scale televised events and expositions as opportunities to engage regulators and capture the imagination of the public.
Advanced Air Mobility

The Week In Technology, May 8-12, 2023

By Graham Warwick May 09, 2023
eVTOL noise rules; Adaptive drone wings; Assuring autonomy; and A220 on 100% SAF.
Advanced Air Mobility

First Take, April 10, 2023

By Graham Warwick Apr 07, 2023
Our roundup of the main aerospace and defense stories making the news this week.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Volocopter Opens eVTOL Final Assembly Facility

By Graham Warwick Apr 05, 2023
The new hangar will host the final assembly line, with an airfield for development flight tests and production check flights.
Advanced Air Mobility

Volocopter Certification Progress Keeps Paris 2024 Debut In Sight

By Graham Warwick Apr 04, 2023
Volocopter plans to begin piloted test flights of its first production-standard VoloCity eVTOL air taxi in July.
Advanced Air Mobility

SITA's Europe President Sees 10-Min. Max For Vertiport Screening, Boarding

By Ben Goldstein Mar 29, 2023
The true vision of UAM, and the time savings it can produce, can be achieved only if the process of transiting in and out of vertiports is capped.
Advanced Air Mobility

AAM Briefs

Aviation Week Staff Mar 20, 2023
Marubeni has completed the first piloted demonstration flight of the Lift Aircraft Hexa single-seat eVTOL.
Advanced Air Mobility

Whisper Aero CEO Mark Moore Shares AAM Ranking List

By Ben Goldstein Feb 17, 2023
While the list shares some of the top names in common with comparable rankings from SMG Consulting and Aviation Week, there are also some notable differences.
Advanced Air Mobility

Dubai Advances Plans For UAM Service Launch In 2026

By Graham Warwick Feb 13, 2023
Dubai has chosen the initial locations and designs for a vertiport network that is expected to be operational in 2026.
Advanced Air Mobility

Airbus Adds Suppliers For eVTOL Air Taxi

By Graham Warwick Feb 03, 2023
Airbus has named two new suppliers for its CityAirbus NextGen electric vertical takeoff and landing air taxi.
Advanced Air Mobility

Volocopter Jumps To No. 2 Spot On AAM Reality Index

By Ben Goldstein Jan 31, 2023
Volocopter ascended to the second-highest slot on the AAM Reality Index in February.
Advanced Air Mobility

AAM Leaders Grapple With Traditional Aerospace Issues

By Graham Warwick Jan 27, 2023
Certification, production and funding are key challenges for the eVTOL industry.
Advanced Air Mobility

Japan Plans eVTOL Industry Launch At Expo 2025 In Osaka

By Garrett Reim Jan 20, 2023
Why SkyDrive believes its true “air taxi” model is a winner.
Advanced Air Mobility

Vertiport Testbed Prepares Path For AAM At 2024 Paris Olympics

By Angus Batey Jan 18, 2023
The vertiport a a general aviation airport on the outskirts of Paris provides a window into the future of aerial mobility.
Advanced Air Mobility