FAA Reports 300 COVID-19 Cases At ATC Facilities

By Bill Carey Nov 17, 2020
More than 300 employees working at FAA air traffic control (ATC) facilities have contracted COVID-19 since the first positive cases were detected at Chicago Midway International Airport in March, the agency’s top ATC executive said Nov. 17.
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Transport Workers Express Concerns Over Remote Towers

By Alan Dron Nov 03, 2020
Transport sector trade unionists have expressed concern at the growth of air traffic control remote tower operations (RTO), urging a global set of regulations governing their use.
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Europe Presses Ahead With Modernizing Air Traffic Management

By Thierry Dubois Oct 19, 2020
Data link and ADS-B will be instrumental for improved European air traffic management, but key countries are late in implementation.
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Eurocontrol Warns Traffic Forecasts May Be Revised Down Further

By Helen Massy-Beresford Oct 15, 2020
Eurocontrol may have to further revise its traffic forecasts downwards—after already cutting them once—as tightening COVID-19 restrictions and rising infection numbers in many European countries lead to a deteriorating situation for the region’s airlines.  
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Daily Memo: Air Navigation Service Providers Are Hurting Too

By Bill Carey Oct 08, 2020
Beyond the glow of the flares sent up by desperate airlines during the COVID-19 pandemic, air navigation service providers (ANSPs) that generate revenue from the fees they charge are struggling too. 
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Greek ATC, CAA Go On Strike Forcing Cancellations

By Kurt Hofmann Oct 07, 2020
Air traffic controllers (ATC) and electronic security engineers in Greece have announced four-hour work stoppages for Oct. 7 and Oct. 8.
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UK NATS Raises Revenue By Offloading Radar Sites

By Bill Carey Oct 07, 2020
As it moves to offset losses caused by the pandemic, the UK air navigation services provider makes upgrades to its radar infrastructure.
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FAA Extends Slot Relief At Congested U.S. Airports Through March 2021

By Ben Goldstein Oct 06, 2020
The FAA has extended slot rule waivers at three congested U.S. east coast airports through the end of March, in an effort to relieve airlines hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Newer Actors Driving Evolution Of Air Traffic Management

By Bill Carey Sep 28, 2020
With air traffic activity suppressed by the coronavirus pandemic, the ATM community is forward-focused on future scenarios.
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Eurocontrol, ANSPs Meet To Assess COVID-19 Crisis

By Bill Carey Sep 24, 2020
Eurocontrol and chief executives of European air navigation service providers (ANSPs) met virtually to discuss options for the deepening financial crisis caused by a “huge and ongoing decrease” in flight activity because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the participants announced Sept. 24.
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Traffic Falling At Most Major Airports, Eurocontrol Says

By Helen Massy-Beresford Sep 21, 2020
Air traffic in Europe is continuing to drop after the summer recovery, according to Eurocontrol’s latest statistics.
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CAE Launches ‘Airside’ Online Resource For Pilots

By Bill Carey Sep 21, 2020
Aviation training specialist CAE on Sept. 21 announced the launch of a new “Airside” online portal with career and training resources for pilots.
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IAI Integrates UAV Into Commercial Traffic At Tel Aviv Airport

By Alan Dron Sep 16, 2020
Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has accomplished what it described as the world’s first successful landing of a UAV at a major airport while integrating the vehicle into commercial traffic.
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Eurocontrol Cuts Traffic Forecasts, Sees Bigger Industry Loss

By Helen Massy-Beresford Sep 14, 2020
Eurocontrol has cut its traffic forecast, blaming the uncoordinated response to COVID-19 travel restrictions among European countries.
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CAE Announces Pilot Training Financing Initiative

By Bill Carey Sep 10, 2020
Aviation training specialist CAE on Sept. 10 announced an initiative with banks in Canada, Mexico and Spain to help aspiring pilots finance their ab-initio training.
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U.S. Airlines ‘Fighting for Survival,’ A4A Chief Says

By Ben Goldstein Sep 04, 2020
The chief executive of the top U.S. airline lobby called on federal lawmakers to promptly approve more industry aid, telling reporters the situation facing carriers remains “dire” as the summer leisure travel season draws to a close. 
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Modernizing National Airspace

Sponsored By Raytheon Sep 03, 2020
Raytheon Intelligence & Space has a new alliance of innovation leaders poised to efficiently update, expand and secure an aging airspace network…
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FAA: ATC on-the-job training hours up 25%

By Sean Broderick Sep 19, 2019
A new initiative to increase the amount of time US air traffic controllers spend in on-the-job training (OJT) is off to a promising start, a top FAA air traffic official said.
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Colorado Airport’s Remote ATC Tower Facility Nears Opening

By Sean Broderick Sep 17, 2019
The FAA and several stakeholders are progressing toward the next major step in the U.S.’s remote air traffic control (ATC) tower evaluation effort, readying Northern Colorado Regional Airport (FNL) to join the program this fall.
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