U.S. Navy’s Revamped Strike Fighter Training Classes Set To Begin

By Brian Everstine Dec 01, 2021
The new, three-phase process is the first major change to Navy strike pilot training in more than 50 years.
Aircraft & Propulsion

U.S. Navy Keeps F/A-18 Readiness High Through Maintainer Overhaul

By Brian Everstine Dec 01, 2021
Service leaders said changes to the maintenance community have helped the rates climb.
Aircraft & Propulsion

U.S. Navy Using Major Exercises To Drive Simulator Requirements

By Brian Everstine Nov 30, 2021
A recent massive, global exercise by the U.S. Navy is shaping how the service wants to approach future training systems.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Boeing Announces New MQ-25 Factory

By Brian Everstine Sep 17, 2021
The 300,000-sq.-ft. facility, expected to be completed in 2024, initially will employ 150 mechanics and engineers.
AFA Air Space and Cyber Conference

Boeing MQ-25 Refuels F-35C 

By Brian Everstine Sep 14, 2021
The test marks the first time the unmanned aircraft has connected with a stealth fighter.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Next Trident II Life Extension Will Create Almost All-New Missile

By Steve Trimble Jul 07, 2021
“Although we call it a life extension, aside from energetics, everything in [the Trident II D5 Life Extension 2 missile] is going to be completely new,” Vice Adm. Johnny Wolfe, director of the Navy's Strategic Systems Program (SSP) office, said July 7.
Missile Defense & Weapons

Screaming Arrow Adds Hypersonic Missile Option For U.S. Navy

By Steve Trimble Mar 05, 2021
A second airbreathing, hypersonic cruise missile program may give the U.S. Navy multiple options for a carrier-compliant, F/A-18E/F-compatible weapon.
Missile Defense & Weapons

U.S. Commits To Supporting First UK Carrier Strike Deployment

By Tony Osborne Jan 20, 2021
The U.S. Navy and Marine Corps have committed to support the first operational deployment of the UK’s new Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier in the spring. 
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U.S. Navy Makes Plan For JADC2 Integration

By Lee Hudson Oct 15, 2020
The U.S. Navy is stepping up plans to integrate into Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2), which is the Defense Department’s concept to connect sensors from all the military services into a single network.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

U.S. Navy Remains Quiet On Future Aviation Strategy

By Lee Hudson Aug 27, 2020
The service's acquisition executive says it is still too early to divulge what specific pieces of Next-Generation Air Dominance the Navy and Air Force will work on together, but they have started the dialogue.
Aircraft & Propulsion

U.S. Navy Mulls Buying Two More MUOS Satellites

By Lee Hudson Aug 19, 2020
The U.S. Navy plans to present industry with a plan for purchasing two additional satellites for the Mobile User Objective System (MUOS)…

New U.S. Navy Radar Jammer Achieves First Flight

By Steve Trimble Aug 10, 2020
The Raytheon-built radar jammer confirmed safety-of-flight characteristics during the sortie by the VX-23 flight test squadron at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

First Block III Super Hornet Completes First Flight

By Steve Trimble Jun 04, 2020
The unpainted aircraft, F287, took off on June 3 from the Boeing assembly line in St. Louis, Missouri.
Aircraft & Propulsion

U.S. Navy Performs AARGM-ER Captive-Carry Test

By Steve Trimble Jun 03, 2020
An extended-range anti-radiation missile developed by the U.S. Navy performed a captive-carry test on June 1, paving the way for flight testing to…
Missile Defense & Weapons

Ford Will Conduct Exercise With CVN 75

By Lee Hudson Jun 02, 2020
The USS Gerald R. Ford will conduct command-and-control exercises with the Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group in the Mid-Atlantic.
Budget, Policy & Operations

U.S. Navy Retires First C-2A Ahead Of Transition To CMV-22

By Steve Trimble Apr 24, 2020
The Grumman C-2A has entered a planned fleet retirement process, beginning with the last flight in March.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Boeing Delivered Last F/A-18E/F Block II To U.S. Navy

By Steve Trimble Apr 24, 2020
The delivery completes a 15-year, 608-aircraft production run.
Aircraft & Propulsion

CH-53K Passes Aerial Refueling Test

By Lee Hudson Apr 10, 2020
The Sikorsky CH-53K King Stallion completed an air-to-air refueling test this week, signaling the program is a step closer to wrapping up developmental testing.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Document Likely Shows SM-6 Hypersonic Speed, Anti-Surface Role

By Steve Trimble Mar 12, 2020
The terse reference in a written submission by Navy officials to the House Armed Services Committee on March 11 also likely offers the first proof that the SM-6 Block 1B remains in development.
Missile Defense & Weapons

U.S. Navy Launches Six-Month Study Of Carriers, Carrier Aviation

By Lee Hudson Mar 11, 2020
The Blue-Ribbon Future Carrier 2030 Task Force is seen as complementary to a broad review of shipbuilding requirements being led by Deputy Defense Secretary David Norquist.
Budget, Policy & Operations

U.S. Navy Cautions Outyear Budgets Likely Will Change

By Lee Hudson Feb 11, 2020
The Navy admits its five-year budget projection is likely to change once the service’s integrated force structure assessment is released.
Defense and Space

F-35B, CH-53K, MQ-4C Biggest Losers In U.S. Navy Budget

By Lee Hudson Feb 10, 2020
The U.S. Marine Corps is halving its planned 2021 buy of F-35Bs to 10 jets, while the Navy is purchasing three fewer F-35Cs than in the previous year’s budget projection.
Defense and Space

U.S. Navy Sees ISR Role For MQ-25 Carrier-Based Unmanned Aircraft

By Graham Warwick Feb 10, 2020
Boeing's jet-powered MQ-25 will embark on aircraft carriers “to conduct aerial refueling as a primary mission and provide some ISR capability as a secondary mission,” according to fiscal 2021 Navy budget documents.
Defense and Space

Airbus Protests U.S. Navy’s Training Helo Decision

By Tony Osborne Feb 06, 2020
The U.S. Government Accountability Office should rule on the protest by mid-May.
Defense and Space

JPO Dedicates Assembly Line To Fix U.S. Navy F-35C Delays

By Steve Trimble Jan 23, 2020
The dedicated final assembly line for the F-35C is intended to overcome production delays that emerged in 2019.
Defense and Space