COMAC Scaling Up In Shanghai; Chinese Airport Building Forges On

By Chen Chuanren Feb 08, 2021
China is in the process of developing new facilities for COMAC in Shanghai, laying the foundations for the state-owned airframer to one day take on the global powerhouses.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Comac-Operating China Eastern Subsidiary To Keep Bizjets

By Bradley Perrett Feb 26, 2020
A China Eastern subsidiary set up to fly Comac aircraft will serve coastal districts from the Yangzi River Delta and retain the business aviation operation on which it has been based, the parent company said.
Business Aviation

COMAC C919 Testing Exceeds Cruise Speed, Reaches Ceiling

By Bradley Perrett Feb 11, 2020
Flight testing of the COMAC C919 has exceeded the designed cruise speed of the narrowbody airliner and reached its intended ceiling, with the fleet of six prototypes now complete.