Boeing Insists On Long Game In Aircraft Development

By Sean Broderick Jun 01, 2023
CEO Dave Calhoun claims Airbus and Comac competitive threats are overplayed, and says OEM will need until at least 2035 to bring a new aircraft to market.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Opinion: Why Boeing’s Troubles In China Run Deep

By Sash Tusa Feb 03, 2023
Aircraft deliveries to China have collapsed, and big hurdles stand in the way of a sharp rebound.
Air Transport

China Flies Subscale Blended Wing Body Airliner Concept

By Graham Warwick Feb 03, 2023
Northwestern Polytechnical University in China has flown a subscale model of a 300-330-seat BWB airliner.
Air Transport

First Take, Jan. 16, 2023

By Graham Warwick Jan 13, 2023
Our roundup of the main aerospace and defense stories making the news this week.
Aircraft & Propulsion

China Approves Comac ARJ21 Freighter Conversion

By Chen Chuanren Jan 09, 2023
With a carrying payload of 10 tonnes, the ARJ21 converted freighter variant is designed to fill the last-mile gap not served by larger aircraft.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Russia Considers Changing Role In CR929 Widebody Program

Aviation Week Network Staff Jan 05, 2023
Russia is discussing ways for it to stay in its last international aircraft program—the joint development of Sino-Russian CR929 widebody commercial aircraft. 
Aircraft & Propulsion

Comac Exports First ARJ21 To Indonesia’s TransNusa

By Chen Chuanren Dec 19, 2022
Comac has handed over the first ARJ21-700 to a foreign customer: Indonesia’s TransNusa Air Services.
Aircraft & Propulsion

COMAC Scaling Up In Shanghai; Chinese Airport Building Forges On

By Chen Chuanren Feb 08, 2021
China is in the process of developing new facilities for COMAC in Shanghai, laying the foundations for the state-owned airframer to one day take on the global powerhouses.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Comac-Operating China Eastern Subsidiary To Keep Bizjets

By Bradley Perrett Feb 26, 2020
A China Eastern subsidiary set up to fly Comac aircraft will serve coastal districts from the Yangzi River Delta and retain the business aviation operation on which it has been based, the parent company said.
Business Aviation

COMAC C919 Testing Exceeds Cruise Speed, Reaches Ceiling

By Bradley Perrett Feb 11, 2020
Flight testing of the COMAC C919 has exceeded the designed cruise speed of the narrowbody airliner and reached its intended ceiling, with the fleet of six prototypes now complete.

China and Russia outline widebody aircraft joint venture

By Wesley Charnock May 24, 2017
Sino-Russian business aims to take on Boeing and Airbus in long-haul market
Airports & Networks

World Routes host Chengdu first to welcome new COMAC regional jet

By Richard Maslen Dec 04, 2015
Under development for 12 years, the first production 90-seat ARJ21 airliner has now been officially delivered to launch customer, Chengdu Airlines, arriving at the carrier’s Shuangliu International Airport base on November 29, 2015 following a 2 hour 48 minute delivery flight from the COMAC facility in Shanghai.
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