LATAM Opts To Shed A350s Amid Bankruptcy Restructuring

By Lori Ranson Apr 09, 2021
LATAM Airlines Group is using its Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization to retire its Airbus A350 widebodies, which will streamline its twin-aisle fleet to all Boeing aircraft.
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Boeing, Hypersonix Join Forces On Space Launch Scramjet Study

By Guy Norris Mar 30, 2021
Boeing and Hypersonix Launch Systems will conduct a joint study of an air-breathing space launch system powered by the Australian startup’s Spartan scramjet engines.

Boeing Builds ATS Loyal Wingman For AFRL’s Skyborg Program

By Graham Warwick Mar 03, 2021
With the first flight of the Airpower Teaming System under its belt, Boeing Australia is producing more of the unmanned aircraft for the Royal Australian Air Force’s Loyal Wingman demonstration program, the U.S. Force’s Skyborg autonomy initiative, and other customers.
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ATS Loyal Wingman Makes First Flight, More Investment Follows

By Tony Osborne Mar 02, 2021
A successful first flight on March 1 has triggered additional investment of $90 million from the Australian government to build another three Boeing Airpower Teaming System aircraft.
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Daily Memo: Does Boeing Need New Leadership Sooner Rather Than Later?

By Michael Bruno Feb 26, 2021
The hits keep on coming for Boeing.
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FAA Blasts Boeing’s Commercial Operation For Ongoing Noncompliance

By Sean Broderick Feb 25, 2021
Boeing failed to meet its obligations in five of 12 areas specified in a 2015 agreement with the FAA that required various safety and quality-control improvements in its Commercial Airplanes division and will pay $5.4 million in new penalties as a result, the FAA said Feb. 25. 
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Boeing Optimistic On Southeast Asian Market’s Narrowbody Demand

By Chen Chuanren Feb 25, 2021
Despite the Southeast Asian market being severely battered by the pandemic-related downturn, Boeing remains optimistic about the region’s long-term potential, predicting 1,590 new aircraft deliveries this decade.
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Boeing Moves First T-7A Section Into Final Assembly

By Steve Trimble Feb 24, 2021
The move activates the final assembly line nearly 29 months after the U.S. Air Force awarded Boeing a $9.2 billion contract to supply 351 jets and 46 simulators to replace the Northrop T-38C Talon. 
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No Relief Seen On Boeing 787 Delays

By Sean Broderick Feb 23, 2021
Boeing’s struggles to get 787 deliveries back on track amid production issues and needed pre-delivery re-work are showing few signs of easing, executives with a key customer and major supplier suggest. 
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India Boeing 737 Fin Work Will Add To China, South Korea Production

By Guy Norris Feb 19, 2021
Boeing says that its recently completed deal with Tata-Boeing Aerospace Limited (TBAL) to build 737 vertical fins in India will augment rather than replace existing fin production in China and South Korea.
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Investigators Cite Thrust Discrepancy Behind SJ182 Crash

By Chen Chuanren Feb 10, 2021
Indonesia National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT) officials investigating the Jan. 9 crash of Sriwijaya Air Flight SJ182 are further examining the Boeing 737-500’s autothrottle system.
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Boeing Warns White House Against Domestic Testing Proposal

By Ben Goldstein Feb 09, 2021
Boeing cautioned the White House against pursuing a COVID-19 testing proposal for domestic air travelers, warning such a policy would produce “severe unintended consequences” that far outweigh any potential public health benefits.
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Tata Boeing To Build 737 Vertical Fins In India

By Guy Ferneyhough Feb 06, 2021
Boeing’s Indian joint venture Tata Boeing Aerospace Limited is set to start manufacturing vertical fin structures for 737 family aircraft at its site in Hyderabad.
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Latest Boeing 777X Delay Driven By EASA’s Concerns

By Sean Broderick Feb 04, 2021
Regulatory scrutiny that will add at least a year to Boeing’s 777X certification program goes beyond the flight-control system and stems primarily from concerns being voiced by EASA, multiple sources confirmed to Aviation Week. 
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Boeing Pushes 737-10 Debut To 2023

By Sean Broderick Feb 02, 2021
Boeing’s updated 737-10 program timeline sees first deliveries in 2023, giving it about two years to develop changes agreed to as part of regulatory reviews of the narrowbody program. 
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Boeing Makes Moves On Airbus A321XLR Competitor Plan

By Guy Norris Feb 02, 2021
Boeing is taking the first tentative steps towards an all-new airliner designed to compete with the Airbus A321XLR and, despite the current cost and market headwinds, has begun sounding out suppliers for provisional requests for information.
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Germany Looking To FMS To Restart Heavy Helicopter Tender

By Tony Osborne Jan 28, 2021
Germany is restarting its heavy transport helicopter program and looking to solicit bids for competing platforms through the U.S. Foreign Military Sales process.
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Boeing Reaffirms ‘Conventional’ Next-Gen Aircraft Plan

By Guy Norris Jan 27, 2021
Contrasting Boeing’s strategic direction against that of Airbus, which in 2020 unveiled concepts for liquid hydrogen fueled zero emissions airliners for potential entry-into-service in 2035, company CEO Dave Calhoun said SAFs are “the only answer between now and 2050.”
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Daily Memo: With $25B In Cash And $38B In Debt, Does Boeing Have What It Takes?

By Michael Bruno Jan 27, 2021
Gone are the corporate venture capital investments, let alone the company yacht and the all-you-can drink press junkets. 
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Boeing Sees Few First-Quarter 787 Deliveries As Quality Issues Mount

By Sean Broderick Jan 27, 2021
Boeing’s stepped-up post-production quality inspections and related re-work will keep 787 deliveries from re-starting until at least February. 
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Sikorsky, Boeing Unveil Defiant X Design For FLRAA Competition

By Graham Warwick Jan 25, 2021
Sikorsky and Boeing have taken the wraps off their Defiant X offering for the U.S. Army’s Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft requirement, and the design differs only in detail externally from the SB-1 Defiant technology demonstrator now in flight test.
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SLS Core Stage Hot Fire Shuts Down Early

By Irene Klotz Jan 16, 2021
NASA did not immediately say why the hot fire was cut off about 67 sec. after ignition.

Volotea Retires Last European Boeing 717 Fleet

By Kurt Hofmann Jan 15, 2021
Spanish LCC Volotea ended commercial operations with its remaining eight Boeing 717-200 on Jan. 10 after nearly a decade of service with the Barcelona-based carrier.
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Australia Picks Apache For Armed Reconnaissance Helo Requirement

By Tony Osborne Jan 15, 2021
The Apache will be introduced from 2025, Australian defense minister Linda Reynolds announced Jan. 15, adding that the Boeing helicopter represented the “most lethal, most survivable and lowest-risk” option.
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Daily Memo: Was Reaction To Boeing’s ADC Site Closure Overblown?

By Guy Norris Jan 14, 2021
Investors are still looking for signs of reassurances that Boeing is still protecting its ability to ultimately bounce back with new products later this decade.
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