Boeing Announces New MQ-25 Factory

By Brian Everstine Sep 17, 2021
The 300,000-sq.-ft. facility, expected to be completed in 2024, initially will employ 150 mechanics and engineers.
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Daily Memo: Downturn Prompts Cargo Shift As Airlines Look To Fill Void, Diversify Revenue

By Sean Broderick Sep 17, 2021
Boeing’s new 20-year commercial market outlook reflects the ramifications of what the company says is about two years of lost growth. 
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Boeing MQ-25 Refuels F-35C 

By Brian Everstine Sep 14, 2021
The test marks the first time the unmanned aircraft has connected with a stealth fighter.
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Updated Boeing Forecast Sees Downturn’s Effects Hampering Deliveries, Fleet Growth

By Sean Broderick Sep 13, 2021
The updated Current Market Outlook has not changed much from 2020, signifying that recovery from the historic demand downturn is still gaining steam.
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MDA Successfully Tests Selectable GBI Boost Vehicle

By Brian Everstine Sep 13, 2021
The Missile Defense Agency and Boeing successfully launched a Ground Based Interceptor, to evaluate a new selectable-boost vehicle.
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UK C-17s And Chinooks Benefit From Upgrade Splurge
The UK Royal Air Force is to spend £400 million ($553 million) on upgrades for its Boeing C-17 Globemaster and CH-47 Chinook fleets.
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David Joyce Joins Boeing Board, Giambastiani Departing

By Michael Bruno Sep 01, 2021
Former GE Aviation chief David Joyce is joining Boeing’s board of directors, while Navy Adm. (ret.) Ed Giambastiani Jr. will leave at the end of the year, the company announced Aug. 31.
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Starliner Orbital Flight Test-2 Faces Several-Month Delay

By Mark Carreau Aug 13, 2021
Boeing and NASA’s Commercial Crew Program believe the launch of the uncrewed Orbital Flight Test-2 (OFT-2) to the International Space Station could be delayed until late this year and possibly into 2022.

Archer Countersues Wisk As UAM Market Churns

By Graham Warwick Aug 13, 2021
It was a week of ups and downs for the urban air mobility (UAM) industry, illustrating the turbulence roiling the nascent market as companies jockey for leading positions.
Urban & Unmanned Aviation

Boeing Invests In SkyNRG’s Plans For U.S.-Based SAF Production

By Graham Warwick Jul 14, 2021
Boeing is backing the production of sustainable aviation fuel in the U.S. under a partnership with supply chain developer SkyNRG.
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Daily Memo: Slow Asia-Pacific Recovery Threatens OEM Deliveries

By Jens Flottau Jul 13, 2021
Despite recoveries to varying degrees elsewhere, the situation in Asia-Pacific is concerning for Airbus and Boeing.
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MAX Cancellations, 787 Issues Dim Boeing’s June Orderbook Momentum

By Sean Broderick Jul 13, 2021
Boeing’s fifth straight month of positive net orders and several delivery-data bright spots were offset by flydubai’s cancellation of 65 737 MAXs and news of more 787 production-quality issues.
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FAA Delays Certification Test Start For Boeing 777-9

By Guy Norris Jun 28, 2021
Boeing’s long-delayed 777X program has suffered another blow after the FAA declined the manufacturer’s request for Type Inspection Authorization (TIA), citing concerns over unresolved software and hardware issues.
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Daily Memo: Airbus, Boeing Watching How Aircraft, Crews Return To Flight

By Thierry Dubois Jun 25, 2021
As the gradual lifting of travel restrictions sets the stage for a swift traffic recovery this summer, Airbus and Boeing plan on sticking to strategies that can now be described as proven.
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U.S. Air Force Exposes Two New KC-46 Deficiencies

By Lee Hudson Jun 17, 2021
The U.S. Air Force has discovered two new Category 1 deficiencies for the KC-46A.
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Boeing Services Business Eyes Steady Growth, Not Lofty Target

By Sean Broderick Jun 14, 2021
While growth remains a goal, Boeing Global Services will focus more on investing in products and services with high capital-return potential, according to Boeing President and CEO Dave Calhoun.
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Boeing Commercial Results Deflate Hopes Of Quicker Financial Recovery

By Michael Bruno Apr 28, 2021
Boeing used up less cash in the first quarter of 2021 than it did the year before, but the beleaguered aerospace and defense giant also brought in less revenue and still cannot hazard an official forecast of what finances will look like this year.
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Daily Memo: Can Dave Calhoun Make Boeing Great Again? It Is Up to Him

By Michael Bruno Apr 20, 2021
It is official—Boeing has entered the Dave Calhoun era, and the U.S. aerospace and defense giant may never be the same again. 
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LATAM Opts To Shed A350s Amid Bankruptcy Restructuring

By Lori Ranson Apr 09, 2021
LATAM Airlines Group is using its Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization to retire its Airbus A350 widebodies, which will streamline its twin-aisle fleet to all Boeing aircraft.
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Boeing, Hypersonix Join Forces On Space Launch Scramjet Study

By Guy Norris Mar 30, 2021
Boeing and Hypersonix Launch Systems will conduct a joint study of an air-breathing space launch system powered by the Australian startup’s Spartan scramjet engines.

Boeing Builds ATS Loyal Wingman For AFRL’s Skyborg Program

By Graham Warwick Mar 03, 2021
With the first flight of the Airpower Teaming System under its belt, Boeing Australia is producing more of the unmanned aircraft for the Royal Australian Air Force’s Loyal Wingman demonstration program, the U.S. Force’s Skyborg autonomy initiative, and other customers.
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ATS Loyal Wingman Makes First Flight, More Investment Follows

By Tony Osborne Mar 02, 2021
A successful first flight on March 1 has triggered additional investment of $90 million from the Australian government to build another three Boeing Airpower Teaming System aircraft.
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Daily Memo: Does Boeing Need New Leadership Sooner Rather Than Later?

By Michael Bruno Feb 26, 2021
The hits keep on coming for Boeing.
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FAA Blasts Boeing’s Commercial Operation For Ongoing Noncompliance

By Sean Broderick Feb 25, 2021
Boeing failed to meet its obligations in five of 12 areas specified in a 2015 agreement with the FAA that required various safety and quality-control improvements in its Commercial Airplanes division and will pay $5.4 million in new penalties as a result, the FAA said Feb. 25. 
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Boeing Optimistic On Southeast Asian Market’s Narrowbody Demand

By Chen Chuanren Feb 25, 2021
Despite the Southeast Asian market being severely battered by the pandemic-related downturn, Boeing remains optimistic about the region’s long-term potential, predicting 1,590 new aircraft deliveries this decade.
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