INTERVIEW: Etihad Group CEO Tony Douglas lays out future path

By Alan Dron Mar 16, 2021
Etihad Airways was three years into a major transformation program when the coronavirus pandemic took hold. The Abu Dhabi-based carrier is transitioning from its previous management’s policy of rapid expansion and equity partnerships with other airlines.
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EDITORIAL: Lease company consolidation is overdue and OK

By Karen Walker Mar 11, 2021
Consolidation has been a much-debated topic through the pandemic crisis, but one that has focused on which airlines might fail or merge.
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EDITORIAL: Europe must avoid air travel regentrification

By Victoria Moores Mar 01, 2021
Ahead of the UK’s new immigration rules that came into effect in February, mandating multiple COVID-19 tests and mandatory quarantines in government-approved hotels for some international arriving passengers, this headline caught the eye: “You have to be desperate and wealthy to fly from Monday.”
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Sustainability Report: Airlines Using More Innovative SAF Flights

By Linda Blachly Feb 27, 2021
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines operated its first commercial flight using an admixture of 500 liters of sustainable synthetic kerosene.
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INTERVIEW: Lufthansa Aviation Training chief Matthias Spohr

By Kurt Hofmann Feb 26, 2021
Lufthansa Aviation Training (LAT), long considered the gold standard in commercial flight academies, is being remodeled to a campus structure so it can be more flexible and competitive in a changed market.
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ANALYSIS: Business Travel’s Return Is More ‘When’ Than ‘If’

By Karen Walker Feb 26, 2021
For those in the air transport industry hoping that 2021would see the turning point from devastating cash burn to the beginnings of recovery—and that’s just about everyone in the industry—the first quarter has quickly dashed those hopes.
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COMMENTARY: Industry Recovery Will Compel New Crew Training Approaches

Stephan Hickman Feb 26, 2021
Delta Air Lines will recall up to 400 pilots this summer to help position itself for a rebound in travel demand.
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Good Pilot And Technician Training Tools Are Still In Demand

By Robert W. Moorman Feb 26, 2021
Airlines have launched a number of pilot retention and development programs.
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COMMENTARY: Simulators And Tech Training Are Key To Pilot Development

Nadhem AlHamad Feb 26, 2021
Simulators and tech-based training will be essential to affordable pilot development
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Recruitment Experts Share Tips For Aviation Job Seekers

By Victoria Moores Feb 26, 2021
COVID-19 has devastated the industry, but aviation recruitment specialists believe the market uncertainty can be mitigated.
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Gulf Area Airlines Still See Need To Maintain Pilot Supply

By Alan Dron Feb 26, 2021
The growth of Middle Eastern airlines in recent years is being matched by expansion of the region’s training establishments. 
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EDITORIAL: Eco-Advocacy Does Not Mean Stopping The Return Of Flying

By Karen Walker Feb 25, 2021
This year is shaping up to be at least as tough for airlines and airports as the last. In some ways, it’s more challenging.
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CAPA Perspective: The Airline Industry Will Never Be The Same

CAPA-Centre for Aviation Feb 25, 2021
The airline industry in 2021 industry will, at best, be half the size it was in 2019. Yet the industry is betting the house on a substantial recovery in the 2021 second and third quarters. What's Plan B?
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Quotables: Best Quotes Heard From Industry Leaders

Feb 25, 2021
Parked aircraft; the role of masks; onboard safety; clairvoyance; industry resilience

Webinar: How Will COVID-19 Reshape The Skies?

Feb 23, 2021
This webinar took place February 23, 2021. The COVID-19 crisis has changed the playing field for airlines, forcing them to pivot to new opportunities…
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OP-ED: New DOT Rule Undermines Airline Consumer Protections

Kevin Mitchell, Susan Grant, John Breyault and Kurt Ebenhoch Feb 22, 2021
A Feb. 5 op-ed took pains to defend an anti-consumer policy that was stealthily released the day after Thanksgiving in the waning days of former U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao’s tenure.
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Webinar: Fireside Chat With AAPA's Director General, Subhas Menon

Feb 18, 2021
This webinar took place February 18, 2021. Join Aviation Week for this 30-minute fireside chat talking through the latest status of Asia-Pacific…
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Industry travel initiative formed to digitalize health certificates

Feb 17, 2021
A cross section of travel, technology and health organizations are cooperating in an initiative to create a blueprint for interoperable digital health pass systems that are privacy protected, user controlled and universally accepted for international travel and more.
Air Transport

EDITORIAL: It’s no longer fear of flying; it’s fear of arriving

By Karen Walker Feb 09, 2021
It used to be that when someone said they were afraid to fly, what they really meant was they were afraid of crashing.
Air Transport

EDITORIAL: UK’s New Travel Rules Are Inconsistent And Bring Their Own Risks

By Victoria Moores Feb 09, 2021
The latest UK travel rules will add unwanted cost and complexity for airlines, airports and passengers, but will they actually prevent new coronavirus variants from entering the country?
Air Transport

EDITORIAL: For airlines, 2021 looks no easier

By Karen Walker Feb 04, 2021
The air travel demand recovery that airlines, airports and tourism organizations were hoping to see emerge this year, albeit slowly, is so far proving elusive.
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SITA, SimplyGo partner on Health Protect solution

By Linda Blachly Feb 04, 2021
As more governments seek ways to resume safe and secure travel in the wake of COVID-19, the ability for passengers to share vital health information—such as PCR test results or vaccination history—with authorities has challenged technology companies to fast-track and collaborate on new digital health credentials.
Air Transport

British Airways trials VeriFLY travel health app

By Linda Blachly Feb 01, 2021
British Airways (BA) will begin trialing a new travel health app, VeriFLY, with passengers who are eligible to travel between London and the US from Feb. 4.
Air Transport

JetBlue unveils Mint cabin redesign

By Linda Blachly Feb 01, 2021
JetBlue has unveiled a redesign of its Mint premium product as the New York-based airline prepares for transatlantic service this summer from New York to London.
Air Transport

Travel’s Next Chapter: More Globally Competitive, Innovative & Unified

Jan 28, 2021
US Travel Association president and CEO Roger Dow has called on the US travel industry to “not simply recover” from the devastating $500 billion pandemic-related losses in 2020, but to “rebuild the industry” into one that will be “even better than it was before the crisis—one that’s more globally competitive, more innovative, more unified.”
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